Friday, October 26, 2007

Million Dollar Woodstock Memorial Project Okayed By Hillary Clinton

I guess I would still be a Democrat if the party I had supported for many years would have made Joe Lieberman their candidate for president. However, the fuzzy drift that was occurring in the Dem Party was not what I signed on for.

Yeah, now I'm registered Republican and supporting John McCain for President. McCain's tough. You've got to be tough to be president. Every president since I've been alive has been challenged in the first months of their term. Who's going to answer the call? Who's going to talk tough, fold the cards, and then spoon-feed you pablum? Some of the dinosaurs on the Democratic side are showing signs of soft-headedness. They're hoping that the millions of baby-boomers set to retire just next year will wax nostalgic about their lost youth and vote for a "return to Woodstock..wooohooo!" Cut us a break, Hillary...we're not ready for Pampers-Gate, not just yet. We don't need to spend a million dollars of tax money for a monument to a music concert a couple of million people couldn't go to because they were in the Army or the other military services.

Besides, John McCain's funny as hell. I got a big kick out of his response to Hillary's support of the Woodstock monument. McCain didn't make it to Woodstock.

"I was tied up at the time," said the presidential candidate wryly.

Tied up in the Hanoi Hilton, the notorious North Viet communist prison camp. Tortured.

McCain's his own man. He likes the things I like: Boxing. Serving his country. America. He's always been inclined to go his own way. As a tortured prisoner of war, he's vocal about decent treatment of prisoners. He's even inclined to poke fun at President Bush when the conditions warrant it. He recently jabbed at the President for the Bush comments about "looking into Putin's eyes and into his soul."

"I looked into Putin's eyes, too," he says, "and I saw three letters: K - G - B."

If McCain's service to America isn't enough for y'all, you ought to donate him some money just so he can keep those wry remarks coming on an otherwise dull campaign trail. Get on over to and help yourself and America out.

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