Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bank Smelli and the Russian-Iran Pact

Melli Bank in London: Proudly Supporting Terrorists Since 1967

What’s up with Comrade Putin? Yesterday, when the U.S. announced new sanctions against Iranian banks, companies, officials and agencies, Putin mounts the dais in some kind of hyperbolic diatribe to attack the U.S. for “running around like a madman with a razor blade, waving it around” and saying the new sanctions are “not the best way to resolve the situation."

Putin ought to have a shot at the Jerry Springer show in reaching for that metaphor. Since when is applying financial pressure akin to “running around like a madman with a razor blade…” ? Apparently, he’s worried about an interruption off trade and weapons deals with the Iranian Nazi Party and its Revolutionary Guards and Quds Subsidiaries.

You’ve got to get a big kick out of the Iranian denials of active support of terrorism and the killing of U.S. troops. A recent ABC Frontline special featured an interview with an Iranian propaganda flak. When questioned about Iran’s pernicious and murderous meddling, the guy just clams up and tells the interviewer that the question wasn’t in the agreed upon script. A highly indignant little prig, too. Of course, they can afford to be smug, having no queers in Iran as Ahmadinajad said during his U.N visit. I suppose that’s why the Iranian government is so stupid, dull, and Soviet looking. If they’d let personal freedom ring in Iran, perhaps some persecuted people would emerge to lend some creativity to governance. Of course, they’d have to begin worshiping life instead of death.

Another fine result would be if Comrade Putin and his FSB/KGB cronies were to take his money out of Bank Smelli.

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