Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hilary & Michael Moore On the Same Page

I’m a McCain supporter hedging as a Giuliani supporter. I don’t know how I ended up on Hilary Clinton’s campaign mailing list but somehow I did. Since then, I’ve received email letters from Hilary’s congenial husband, Bill, and several from Hilary’s camp. All are aimed keeping me informed of policy vagaries and soliciting campaign money. Though I fully appreciate Hilary Clinton's ambition to be all things to all people, I think the Clintons could afford to send me some money. Here's the beef of Hilary's email solicitation:

We're ready for universal health care. We're ready to create jobs and achieve energy independence. We're ready for an end to the war in Iraq and to restore our role as a respected leader in the world.”

Wow! Universal Health Care timed to coincide with another brilliant release of a Michael Moore pseudo-documentary, this one titled “Sicko.” Of course, that title is redundant. But shouldn’t Hilary tell her supporters that the touted social medicine systems of Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, some other countries mentioned in Moore’s film are turning to private medical insurance companies to buttress their government subsidized medical systems?

Our own health care system needs reform. If Government-sponsored Universal Health Care was, in reality, the utopian field of dreams Hilary said it was, then we’d be crazy not to go for it. There’s a simple reality test for Health Care Reform. Pass a law requiring that whatever universal health care was provided for “the people” would be the only health care plan to which members of Congress would have access. No private pay, no other.

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