Tuesday, March 10, 2015

47 American Patriots in Congress Send a Message to Iran

Iran wants to reestablish the Persian Empire and has already expanded its influence into four countries, including Iraq, where the U.S. expended its best human resources. The best way for it to magnify its power is to become a nuclear power. In the past, Iran has lied, cheated, threatened neighbors in the region, and ordered its troops into positions where they killed American troops.

 The Obama administration, with its feckless foreign policy failures, is anxious to put points on the board with a nuclear agreement that benefits Iran and contains nothing in the way of security for the west nor for its Arab neighbors. Essentially, the Obama ‘negotiations’ are an advertising campaign with a product that has a ‘sell-by-date’ of ten years. 

         The ten year period mentioned in regard to the talks fits well with the Koranic dictum that agreements with ‘infidels’ that treaties must be no longer than ten years.  The Koran says such agreements can be abrogated after ten years. The Obama administration will be long gone by then.  Iran will be a nuclear power. There will be an arms race with its Arab neighbors. If there’s anyone left in the region to sweep up the pieces of a nuclear disaster, they will look back on this bad deal negotiated by John Kerry and Barack Obama and wonder how an American president could have betrayed the responsibilities of his office. 

Forty seven Senate Republicans sent a letter to the ayatollahs with the purpose of derailing a bad deal which will hand Iran a major victory with a stroke of Obama’s fountain pen. This is a patriotic effort which must be applauded. The American people are tired of finding out what’s in an agreement only after it’s passed, especially when the agreement is a ten-year nuclear time bomb with a sell-by date. President Obama has consistently shown himself willing to accommodate America’s enemies against our better interests and security.  The president wants to count Congress out of the picture, and has mounted a blistering attack on the senators who are unwilling to gamble on our lives and our freedoms. If only President Obama could apply such zeal to his dealings with Iran!

The mullahs do not represent the Iranian people. They took power in a 1979 Islamic revolution, killed, kidnapped, or imprisoned anyone who stood in its way. They suppressed the Iranian people during the 2009 Green Revolution for democracy while President Obama, who had just taken office, found this entirely acceptable.  That’s who and what we’re dealing with. At least there are 47 courageous senators who know that and will not forget it. 

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