Friday, January 9, 2015

Explosions, Gunfire erupt at Factory where Kouachi Bros. Hold Hostage

UPDATE:  The Gammartin-en-Goele factory where the Kouachi brothers are making their last stand erupted in gunfire, smoke, and explosions at 11:00 a.m. EST. This was the moment the French police tactical squad felt they had to move.  There has so far been no police announcements regarding the outcome of the attempt to resolve the standoff.

France Wakes Up to Two Hostage Situations:

THE WAKEUP:  France wakes up this morning to a better understanding of the shooters who massacred twelve in the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices.  Whereas the information reported yesterday was soft in spots, several things have now become clear.

HOSTAGE STANDOFF:  At this moment, there are two active French Police vs. Terrorist standoffs.   One is occurring in an eastern suburb of Paris called Port Vincennes.  The terrorist in this case has taken over a Kosher supermarket and is said to be holding an unknown number of hostages, as few as one or as many as five.  Police have surrounded and blocked off the area. The number of hostages in the supermarket is not clear. The terrorist in this case is quite possibly to be the third member of a 3-man assault team which conducted the original attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices. 

STANDOFF WITH KOUACHI BROTHERS is close is near to Paris and near to one of the Paris airports—in the industrial town of  Dammartin-en-Goele. The Kouachi brothers are reported to be holding one hostage.

HOSTAGE NEGOTIATIONS are going on in both cases. It is being reported that TWO ARE DEAD at the KOSHER GROCERY MARKET.

Writer’s Note: As I am an amateur blogger, compiling the news from mainstream media sources, I’m wondering about my theory that the Kouachi brothers were heading toward the French border with Belgium.  It’s quite possible that this speculation was completely wrong, but it’s also possible that the brothers were blocked en route (they were heading northeast. In fact, all key locations are in the direction of northeast—the direction of Belgium).

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