Saturday, October 11, 2014

Last Chance: International Intrigue, Political Corruption & Personal Heartbreak

Last Chance is a sprawling tale of international intrigue, political corruption, and personal heartbreak. From the murder of a street level drug dealer in New York City, “Last Chance” takes you to the heart of a battle between the cocaine cartels of Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia and a desperate American government. 

When Victor Saronna, ex-Army Airborne Ranger, finds himself enmeshed in the narco underworld of crime and drugs, he finds the allure of profit and power too appealing to resist. But when he's forced to kill or be killed, his luck at staying in the game is about to change. Now, he is making a deal with the DEA and their CIA cohorts to stay out of jail – but it may cost him his life.

Sandra Genova, the gutsy and attractive prominent reporter for the New York Inquirer, is offered a chance to interview Saronna – a move engineered by his street-smart lawyer. And when she is offered the opportunity to travel to South America to report on escalating levels of violence at cartel cocaine production facilities, she's shocked to find Victor at the center of a series of targeted assassinations and attacks.

In other words, go to Amazon and buy the Kindle version of my book for only $2.99.  It's fiction, but it's true fiction, if you catch my drift.

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