Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Spectacular Now - Have Some Drinks on Hollywood

One of the Los Angeles movie blogs (LA Screenwriting?) was touting the people who wrote the script for this movie.  (possibly a cousin?  you never know)  So I'm interested in reading film scripts these days for the reason that I'm trying to write two of my own. 

All I've figured out so far is that there is a handsome 18 year old protagonist who has a hot GF, that he has a nice smile, and a flask in the back pocket which he keeps swigging from.

It's all kind of funny, you know, ha-ha -- and if we don't know that, the 'hero' Sutter reminds us constantly about how much fun drinking is.   I thought we were done with all that.  It's so yesterday, so outre, so corrupt. 

Yeah, we know people drink and we know the business of Hollywood isn't to launch a prohibition campaign but please....  drinking is a boring, cheap way to get laughs unless you're in the 9th grade.

I'm not too enthusastic about reading the rest of the script  but I probably will.  The screenwriter has some talent, no doubt, but the big question is why is he throwing good money after bad. 

Is this movie funny?   Anyone see it?  If the script has a redemptive turn at some point, I might.  But so far it's drech (sp).  What's that Yiddish word?

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