Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Obama Will Ask for Election Replay Due to Sandy?

COMMENTARY |On October 28th, while meteorologists were warning everyone about the impending storm Sandy, I tweeted what I thought was a facetious remark:

“Wanna’ bet Obama extends voting if he doesn’t get enough (early) votes?

Right now, after the terrible storm, I’m flabbergasted to hear media pundits speculating about the possibility, as does Indiana’s WSBT-TV.   So far the conversation about a delayed election hasn’t moved beyond the chattering classes. 

Mainstream news outlets like ABC and USA Today cite historical and legal precedent that infers there would be no electoral delays. 

However, the November 6 election is balanced on a knife edge, and you have to think campaign managers, especially on the Democratic side, are searching for reasons not to talk about the economy or Benghazi or the “fiscal cliff.”

Don’t think for a minute that raising the issue would be extensively ridiculed.    We live in an era of reality TV, an era where TV news organizations openly flaunt their partisanship and routinely blend news into a potpourri of questionable “facts” and biased opinion. 

Who hasn’t heard some version of the question asked by PolicyMic:  Can Hurricane Sandy Help Obama Win Election 2012?”   It’s only a short leap to an apoplectic New Jersey voter shrieking into a CNN camera:

“How could I vote when my iPhone battery is still dead?”

Stormwise, the political tectonics are shifting toward the president.  President Obama has ready photo ops as he tours inundated New Jersey with Governor Chris Christie.

Even Fox News, not noted for liberal editorial opinion, found it necessary to harmonize with liberal media in underscoring Christie’s praise of President Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy. 

The hard facts of the matter are that the storm will cut down on voting in two states President Obama is presumed to have in the bag.  In New York State, President Obama leads Romney by 26 points, according to Real Clear Politics.  The vote in blue state New Jersey also heavily favors the president.

Yet, a diminished voting turnout due to Hurricane Sandy would be a convenient political red herring for the hard core Democratic base.   But only if President Obama loses the election in 2012 and Romney becomes America’s new president.








Monday, October 22, 2012

Benghazi Will Speak for Itself in Tonight’s Debate - Yahoo! Voices -

Benghazi Will Speak for Itself in Tonight’s Debate - Yahoo! Voices -

After weeks of listening to Obama administration officials blame an anti-Islamic video, Americans find out there were no protests, little security, and no escape for the victims of the attacks. Perhaps the most damning of yesterday's accounts came from Time Magazine's Steven Sotloff, who interviewed the guards present when swarms of Islamic fighters blasted through the compound.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Foreign Policy Reduced to Bumper Sticker Wars - Yahoo! News

Foreign Policy Reduced to Bumper Sticker Wars - Yahoo! News

The next president will be able to claim a foreign policy "mess we inherited," a fact that hasn't gone unnoticed by experts in the foreign policy world. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Stanford University senior fellow Fouad Adjami scathingly criticizes President Obama as a man with an "affectation of worldliness" beneath which lies "a calculating politician with a superficial knowledge."

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hollywood Launches Enviro-Missile Against Natural Gas Drilling - Yahoo! Voices -

Hollywood Launches Enviro-Missile Against Natural Gas Drilling - Yahoo! Voices -

The ideal intellectual target of the anti-fracking campaigns is the wealthy urbanite or celebrity who worries neither about transportation nor home heating bills. Think Yoko Ono or actor Matt Damon, roughly equal in wealth and privilege, and determined to convince "the masses" of the evils of energy beneath the surface.

Last week, we sold our house in a down market, moving from Pennsylvania to New York. There were not enough silver linings to make up for the asset loss but one of them was a tremendous savings in home heating costs.

Our Pennsylvania house was heated with oil, and even with our energy-efficient boiler, our winter energy costs were four times higher than the average monthly cost for natural gas heating of our New York house. Our annual energy use cost average on our new house was provided by National Grid, which serves this New York area.
According to the environmental evangelicals of Hollywood, I'm supposed to militate against my own self-interest to further the media interests of Hollywood types who expiate their energy guilt in money-making political activist films.
Damon portrays a gas company environmental criminal in a new anti-fracking film called "Promised Land," set for a January release, according to IMDb. Damon's environmentally sinful character solicits drilling rights in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale and later experiences a spiritual transformation into an angel of "green" pietism.

Factbox: ‘itsoknoproblembro’ Toolkit Could Be Big Problem for Iranian Hackers - Yahoo! News

Factbox: ‘itsoknoproblembro’ Toolkit Could Be Big Problem for Iranian Hackers - Yahoo! News

Today, the Wall Street journal reported new Iranian attacks on Capital One Financial Corporation and BB&T Corporation. The latest hack attacks on American banking followed last month's intrusions into PNC, Wells-Fargo, J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America, reported in Mail Online. This silent war­­­ could turn into a shooting war if Iran's government is proven to be behind continuing and damaging attacks. Yet, "plausible deniability" is characteristic of computer warfare. Where does a government draw the line between malicious mischief and open warfare? Consider some relevant facts:
Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has frequently warned of a "cyber Pearl Harbor." Stars and Stripes also detailed a litany of known intrusions into "chemical, water and electrical plants, as well as public transportation control software."
Prolexic Technologies identified the latest attacks as stemming from the sophisticated "itsoknoproblembro" toolkit. The ironically named hacking method could indeed pose special problems for version 1.0 security systems, according to Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs.

Read on, hit the headline

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Not Too Late To Turn Back Now

President Obama's latest trope is hilarious, borrowed from a 70s pop song about a guy who has lost his love and can't return to her.  Obama has borrowed the phrase without regard for copyright, and holds it out as if it were an original stroke of brilliance, then he tried to spin his election as some sort of inevitability.  Under Obama's misguided "leadership," we've gone so far over the borderline that we cannot "turn back now" as we approach:

  • the fiscal cliff
  • conflagration in the Middle East
  • massive debt and the ensuing threat of further credit rating decline
  • a gutted military
  • a national welfare state
  • abrogations of the U.S. Constitution
  • lies, deceptions, coverups
The list goes on.  But the fact is we DO have time to turn back now, and the moment is propitious.    It's important to seize the day.  Romney's counter-slogan should be Carpe Diem, in the way he snatched the first debate, exposing Obama as the bumbling little wretch he is without a teleprompter & and compliant media.

We have only a month to go before we get the chance to oust the Great Deceivers who lied about the terrorist attacks and the murders of our embassy personnel, who covered up donor scandals, fast & furious revelations, and who know what else, and in their latest incantation doctored the unemployment figures retroactively to benefit Obama & the DNC. 

The time to act is now.  Romney is an incredibly brilliant man of integrity, a man of the center-right who can lead this country out of its economic miasma and back to its core values.  Let's do it.  We're on the verge, staring down into the abyss, and with courage we will prevail.