Sunday, June 24, 2012

Will Obama’ Lapdogs in Liberal Media Bail Him Out on Fast & Furious?

Our local newspaper, the Pocono Record, is a dead issue. A resurrection will not be forthcoming, as the managers of the news in it are guilty of assistive suicide. There’s plenty of news in the Pocono area, but instead of reporting it the local rag is more concerned with buttressing President Obama’s campaign chances.

Case in point is the clumsy daily political cartoon which today features a guy with a squirt gun squirting water at an Obama figure with deeply furrowed brow. The squirt gun label says “Fast and Furious Investigation.”

The not-too-clever caption reads: “Why aren’t you melting down?” Get it? Tough president, weak prosecution of an unimportant issue, thy think.

Yet, Border Patrol agent Brian Terry bought the farm with bullets fired from one of the big burners Eric Holder walked across the Mexican border to the Zetas. Coinciding with this view is another Obama-Holder viewpoint that Brian Terry’s family do not exist, and have no right to find out who gave the orders which led to their son’s death.

It’s offensive; it offends all of us who can see how this reckless and pathetic administration operates.

So if you’re retarded and need further translation, you have only to look at the editorial beside it on the “opinion” page. The editorial is a reprint from the LA Times.

The LA Times urges Congress to compromise with the Obama administration to avoid an Eric Holder contempt citation from the entire House. Stupid, you are thinking. The “compromise” has no meaning because you either produce the documents or you don’t.

How do you “compromise?” Do you give Issa’s committee half a sheet of paper? Eric Holder has already done that, after months of lying that the Fast and Furious Operation even existed.

Why the LA Times? One reason is that the paper is losing money so fast they can’t afford to hire a real political columnist. Therefore, the Pocono Record must copy from the most liberal newspaper in the nation, one that is published straight from the heartland of the California Social Republic.

It’s somehow fitting that a lame liberal left newspaper which tells lies would back a lame liberal left political administration which tells lies.

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