Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bronx Van Tragedy Claims Seven

The word "accident" is a misnomer applied to the tragedy that occurred on the Bronx River Parkway a few days ago. Seven people were killed when a minivan left the highway, hurdled over a barrier, dropped through the air, and landed within an area of the Bronx Zoo. Pray for the victims, pray for the family and friends of the victims. But the usual ambulance chasers have descended like pidgeons upon the scene to convince us all that the "accident" could have been prevented by anyone other than the driver of the van. According to police, the van was speeding along at 70 mph on a road that many consider difficult at safe speed. Safe speeds are the ones that are posted on the signs along the roadside, but who reads them? There is no way to bring those lovely children back but, as usual, city officials, lawyers, assembled pidgeons and herds of sheep, will have to pretend they are doing something. The harsh reality of New York highways is that everyone is afraid to slow down. Driving at speed limits would lead to immense traffic jams, just like the immense traffic jams that occur when people drive at breakneck speeds. My point here is that no one addressed the real problems that resulted in these tragic deaths. No one says "slow down." Would the van have catapulted into space if it had been driving at 50 instead of 70? Probably not, but another point to consider is that the driver would have been able to maintain control of the vehicle. Okay, I'm not a traffic cop but it pisses me off to hear the lamentations, the denials, the excuses, the lawsuits, the b.s. coming from people who do not have the courage to tell the truth. America's highways are a war zone,and New York City is a popular battleground. Stop b.s. ing us in the hopes of a fat lawsuit. You can't bring those children back. Putting the blame where it belongs may help someone else.

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