Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Ranked News: September 7, 2010

I don’t know how many days we are into the Obama administration. Too many. As much as I think Obama’s vying with Jimmy Carter for the title of America’s Worst President, I don’t blame the brother for trying to get over. What I can’t get over is that the U.S. is full of so many idiots, with the most idiots being the chumps who voted for Obama.

African-Americans have a bit of an excuse, though their vote was equally stupid. Having an African-American president may brighten the eyes of little black children, but that’s the limit of it. The black vote was blind to everything except color. Not to say there weren’t any qualified black candidates, but Obama was the worst one anyone could have selected. I was thinking Colin Powell who, inexplicably, supported Obama. At least Powell worked his way up from Bronx. No one doubts his patriotism or service to America.

Obama’s a wuss,. Some have called him an “Erkle” but that’s not doing justice to Erkle. I’d rather have Erkle as president than Obama.

Anyway, now comes Obama’s New Stimulus Plan for 50 billion. Too late, Obama—that’s putting lipstick on a pig (your own misogynistic expression re Sarah). Obama’s relying on the famous American tendency of people to forget yesterday.
Obama killed America’s economy with his near trillion dollars stimulus plan. Unemployment got worse. They come up with some jive-ass shit about “saving jobs.” Listen, no one gives a shit about “saved jobs” except Joe Biden and the other people who tripped and fell on Obama’s dick.

I’m counting the problems Obama has made worse:

A foreign policy of appeasement has got America marching backwards and apologizing for existing. He kisses Russian ass as the Russians screw us regarding Iran. Foreign policy weakness and lack of vision lead to War with Iran.
Fancy Man Obama favors “Beer Summits” to rational law enforcement and is so clueless he makes impassioned pleas on behalf of Ground Zero Mosque Nazis. Pinbrain Eric Holder wants to try KSM in New York—what an A-hole!

Obama and Holder, the Gay Twin Demons of Failed Law Enforcement, spend even more money suing Sheriff Joe Arpiao, the Governor of Arizona, and Arizona itself.

Obama dishes it out as if he's entitled but he can't take it. Now comes Obama’s latest whining plaint that “people treat me like a dog.” Oh, puhleeeeeze! It’s about time the president stopped acting like a little bitch and grew up. That’s the kind of crap you hear in the 8th grade (not even). President Bush was slimed beyond belief and you never heard so much as a grunt or groan of complaint coming from him. The liberal left said disgusting things about him, whereas all the media, including the conservative media, has been overly deferential to Obama.

It’s as if the president has regressed instead of learned how to be president. I mean, we knew he had no experience, no clue, no leadership ability. We elected him because a bunch of guilty liberals launched into paroxysms of 60s nostalgia.

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