Friday, September 24, 2010

Progessive Website Peddles Wireless Phone Service

I'm always complaining about the cost of our ATT wireless phone bill but I feel a little better about it now that ATT is being attacked by a "progressive" web site hawking a phone sell competitor named CREDO. The Website I'm referring to is call Alter Nut, or something like that.

So Alter Nut is saying that ATT is the top contributor to the House Tea Party Caucus. That's good with me. Anyone who helps to get rid of Obama and his plutocrat sychophants deserves my support. I'm glad they're giving some of my customer money to a group that promotes independent common sense candidates who are not part of the arrogant presumptuous self-serving entrenched elite who are screwing this country to the wall.

I still think my ATT wireless bill is too high, but now I feel better about it. Plus, the service rarely drops my calls.

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