Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pennsylvania Governor's Debate: Tom Corbett v. D. Onorato

Watching the gubernatorial debate, I noticed that Corbett's opponent, D. Onorato, looks like an old-time undertaker. Perhaps, they put too much makeup on him for the TV lights but he looked ghoulish.

Maybe the undertaker look is appropriate for Onorato.
Because of the tax increases he's supported, Onorato is the Undertaker of the current dead economy.

Also worthy of embalming is Onorato's opposition to tort reform.
Pennsylvania doctors are being driven out of the state at a rapid rate. Of those who remain, their insurance premiums are way too high, and those costs are passed off into the medical care treatment system.

Voting for Onorato is voting for higher business taxes and looming individual tax increases even for people of modest means. A family of four earning $50,000 per annum will get a tax increase of $2500 per year when Bush's tax cuts expire under today's Democrats.

Onorato wants Washington to bail out the state of Pennsylvania after PA defaults on its loans from the Obama administration. Here's another way to deal with PA debt: stop spending.


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