Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daily Kos Endorses Slippery Slate: Chris Coons, Jack Conway, Scott McAdams

You don't want to know. When they're not sitting cross-legged, huddled over, and staring at their navels, the Daily Kos crowd sends out what it calls an
"Orange to Blue" Questionaire.

Apparently all three candidates noted above are clueless enough to get the Daily Kos stamp of Imprimatur. According to the Daily Koo-koo, Coons, Conway, and McAdams all need money pretty badly and so they checked on the blocks on the Daily Koo-koo checksheet they were sent.

What does it take to get on the Daily Koo-Koo financial support list? All three candidates said they'd appeal "don't ask, don't tell," make it a number one priority to regulate greenhouse gasses, another priority to create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, amend the 2nd Amendment, and hatch a plan for universal medicaid coverage.

You can see they're right on top of things. But why did the DK need a questionaire for that. Aren't all those things de rigeur for "progressive" lefties running as Democrats?

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