Sunday, August 22, 2010

Iran Shows Off Unmanned, Long-Range Bomber | News | English

Iran Shows Off Unmanned, Long-Range Bomber | News | EnglishIf you're wondering how Obama's policies of "engagement" were working out, you might like to read this article. The first step Obama takes in any "decision" is to put off the decision by at least a year, giving Nazi spawn like Ahmadinajad much time to threaten, menace, degrade, and insult people around the world, especially Israelis and Americans.

How long did "sanctions" take? About a year and a half--after negative results from Obama's "engagement" policies. Another Obama "engagement" policy concerned Russia, a country which successfully pressured Obama to keep missiles out of Eastern Europe. And what did the U. S. get from Russia in return? Zilch--unless you think "engagement" means a bunch of weak sanctions and Russian involvment in the Iranian nuclear industry.

Obama should decline to run for a second term. Actually, he should abdicate on his first term. Maybe Leon Panetta could take over--he's not as bad as I first imagined. At least he has the nuts to stand up to Obama.

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