Sunday, August 8, 2010

Did WikiLeaks Participate in Theft of Classified Documents?

The WikiLeaks Worms were given an excellent opportunity to get away with murder by a Defense Department which asked for their cooperation in not releasing further documents. The WikiLeaks reponse, predictably, is to release more documents. Not surprising. WikiLeaks presents itself as the noble messengers of public information but Julian Assange and his cohorts are anti-West, and stand firmly behind anti-west terrorist groups around the world.

The releases thus far have served as a blueprint for Taliban and Al Qaeda to mark coalition troops and cooperative Afghanis for death.

Under the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. cannot prosecute WikiLeaks or Julian Assange for publishing the information. What it can and should do, however, is determine whether and/or to what degree Wikileaks contributed to the theft of classified information. Theft of classified information IS illegal and can be prosecuted, so if the WikiLeaks worm squad actively aided obtaining the classified materials, they can and should be prosecuted.
Force protection is of utmost importance, and we need also to protect the Afghanis who were compromised by release of the classified documents.

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