Tuesday, June 22, 2010

General McChrystal Drops Bombs in Rolling Stone Profile

Hell hath no fury like a President criticized. Beginning with George Washington, America’s had a tradition of civilian control of the military, and it is a good tradition. However, even in Washington’s day, several of Washington’s generals were openly critical of the leadership of the man who played a large part in establishing America as an independent nation.
The difference is that, in those days, there were no Rolling Stone reporters following you around. Worse, the Rolling Stone reporters were trapped with McChyrstal in Europe when the volcano made it impossible to fly back to the U.S. Much of the information in the Rolling Stone article comes from military aides to McChrystal, who also must have missed the lesson on military etiquette.
Make no mistake though, General McChrystal was firing out of both barrels when he exhibited a great deal of contempt for the political team running the Afghanistan war.

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