Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kagan Banned Military Recruiters from Career Services at Harvard

Kagan Banned Military Recruiters from Career Services at Harvard - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

If Sessions expected Kagan to admit to having made a mistake as Dean of the Harvard Law School, he didn't get one. Kagan made known her dislike of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Click on the link to read more...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gulf Coast Oil Disaster Takes Backseat to Politics -

Gulf Coast Oil Disaster Takes Backseat to Politics Article by Kim Linton--click the headline to read about the presidential menu at a dinner hosted by Big Oil billionaires Ann and Gorden Getty. After making billions of capitalistic bucks from drilling on public lands, they're giving back by supporting left wingers like Barbara Boxer and Barack Obama.

Northampton, Pa.: Four Murder Victims in Quiet Pennsylvania Town - Associated Content

Northampton, Pa.: Four Murder Victims in Quiet Pennsylvania Town -

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kanjorski comments cause election-year stir | PoconoRecord.com

Kanjorski comments cause election-year stir | PoconoRecord.comMan, I'm glad I'm not one of those "defectives" or other minorities. That's Kanjorski for you--the typical pork-barrel liberal race-baiting Democrat... Nothing new there. I just wish minorities would stop pretending the Democrats own them...

"Washington's Crossing": the Dark Winter Following America's Fourth of July - Associated Content -

"Washington's Crossing": the Dark Winter Following America's Fourth of July - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comBook review of David Hacket Fischer's Pulitzer Prize winner in history non-fuction....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Masseuse Alleges Al Gore Grabbed, Groped, and Gripped Her Globes -

Masseuse Alleges Al Gore Grabbed, Groped, and Gripped Her Globes - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

Gilad Shalit Completes Fourth Year of Hamas Captivity - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

Gilad Shalit Completes Fourth Year of Hamas Captivity Hamas continues to prevent the International Red Cross from any contact with prisoner Gilad Shalit. Haaretz also reports that a Hamas “lawmaker” told a Hamas newspaper that the International Red Cross did not take the “military reality into account” when they made repeated requests to have contact with the Hamas kidnap victim. No doubt. Perhaps it is a cultural misunderstanding on the part of those who don’t approve of the segregation and psychological torture of prisoners as Hamas does.

Democrats Love Petraeus After Hating on Him

It's really a riot to hear libs singing the praises of the new top general of the Afghanistan war. It wasn't long ago they were attacking a full page newspaper ad featuring Petraeus and the Iraq surge. Rush Limbaugh yesterday played an entire series of tapes featuring prominent Democrats like Pelosi and Hillary Clinton back when the surge was being contemplated. The audio tapes on the Limbaugh show would have made you laugh if they weren't so pathetic and dangerous.

Petraeus was lying about the surge, said top Democrats. Petraeus was spinning the facts on the ground. Iraq could never have its own government without Saddam Hussein. Innocents were being slain! Then there was Vice President Joe "Bite Me" Biden declaiming that Iraq was lost and that Petraeus was both liar and loser.

And now you don't hear Obama complaining about the "General I inherited" from the Bush Administration. It's truly disgusting how these toadies are now playing up to Petraeus, anything to find a way to call this an Obama "master-stroke" (Newsweek's words) when it was a serious no-brainer.

What hypocrisy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

General McChrystal Drops Bombs in Rolling Stone Profile

Hell hath no fury like a President criticized. Beginning with George Washington, America’s had a tradition of civilian control of the military, and it is a good tradition. However, even in Washington’s day, several of Washington’s generals were openly critical of the leadership of the man who played a large part in establishing America as an independent nation.
The difference is that, in those days, there were no Rolling Stone reporters following you around. Worse, the Rolling Stone reporters were trapped with McChyrstal in Europe when the volcano made it impossible to fly back to the U.S. Much of the information in the Rolling Stone article comes from military aides to McChrystal, who also must have missed the lesson on military etiquette.
Make no mistake though, General McChrystal was firing out of both barrels when he exhibited a great deal of contempt for the political team running the Afghanistan war.

To read more, click HERE...

Gen McChrystal Throws Bombs at Obama and Top Emmissaries in Rolling Stone

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Monday, June 21, 2010

Rahm Emmanuel Leads the Pack in Run from White House

The bloggers are all atwitter with the news/rumor that Rahm Emmanuel is jumping ship from the Obama administration. Apparently the panic is spreading. Just now, Fox News reported that Peter Orzag was also splitting from Obama to make his way down the road.

I don't see where it's such big news about Rahm Emmanuel leaving. It was more or less predictable, more a question of how long he'd last. But Peter Orzag, Budget Director? That kind of exposes the bare underbelly of Obamarithmetic. In other words, Orzag couldn't make the numbers add up the way the Messiah wanted them to.

Call it Numerophobia.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CEA Laurie David Denies Affair with CEA Al Gore
The Wampanoag Indians are claiming the underwater Cape Wind location as a historic site. And while the sea ducks aren't nesting there, they may want to --
Read More

Monday, June 14, 2010

White House Focused on Managing Politics of Gulf Oil Spill

Repeat After Me: Bush Responsible for BP Oil Spill... and so forth.

Have you got it memorized yet? That President Bush is responsible for the Gulf Oil Spill? Not a day goes by that Obama or one of his officials doesn’t mention it, and it was Nanny Pelosi’s turn yesterday. Pelosi’s already had her turn several times already, though. The Administration seems to think that the only defense against criticism of its failure to lead is bluster.

It’s kind of like that old table-pounding theory. When you’re a defense lawyer (and the current administration is full of lawyers, from the Lawyer-in-Chief on down) and all the evidence is against you, from eyewitnesses to DNA, you can only pound the table to make your case.

The evidence in this case is an absence of leadership. Down in D.C., they’re making it up as it goes along, according to the polls and the press clippings. If the media, Gulf politicians, and even the members of your own party complain that the President has appeared to take refuge in the Ivory Tower, then you arrange scripted public appearances where, at the advice of people like Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod, you make what policy wonks think are salty references. So the President says he’s been “finding out whose *ss to kick.”

The trouble with that strategy is that the President seems to have left out a qualifier. The President should have said he was “finding out whose *ss NOT to kick,” because as things go, there’s not an American butt anywhere which hasn’t already been kicked by this administration. And that includes the crayfish, the shrimp, and the water ducks who struggle in the muck. It’s more than painful to watch, and just as painful to watch the confusion and the mix of messages from the White House.

Or maybe the problem is entirely with the White House grammar. After all, the words “Gulf” and “golf” do bear a resemblance. Imagine how it would play in the media if President Bush, the man responsible for the BP Oil Spill, would take the afternoon off to play “Gulf.”

Friday, June 11, 2010

Joran Van Der Sloot: Coffee, Murder and a Danish -

Joran Van Der Sloot: Coffee, Murder and a Danish It’s safe to say that there will be more revelations in this case and Joran likely did more than go for coffee and a Danish on the morning he fled the murder scene. The Peruvian authorities will no doubt find Joran Van Der Sloot as something of a lightweight when compared to other prosecutions like those of Sendero Luminoso, the “Shining Path” guerillas who may soon be Joran’s cell-mates.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Joran Van Der Sloot Confesses to Murder of Stephany Flores

Joran Van Der Sloot Confesses to Murder of Stephany Flores
News sources are reporting early this morning that Joran Van Der Sloot flew into a rage when Stephany used his laptop computer to research his sleazy background...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Helen Thomas Resigns From Hearst Newspapers

It was resign or get fired. Even Robert Gibbs noticed and criticizes her bigotry in telling Jews to "go home" to Poland and Germany. The worst part of it is that Helen Thomas seems too dotty and bigoted to know where home actually is for the jews.

But I can hear it now. Democrats will adopt the same "business as usual" attitude toward anti-semitism that they have adopted toward corruption in the subornation of the election process.

"This is nothing unusual," they say.

Nothing unusual for some, apparently, but the hypocritical liberal elite with its reverse racism and latent anti-semitism has subconsciously cultivated the Helen Thomases of the world. So it's not unusual in this business as usual White House model to hear from some in the White House Press Corps some of the same things you hear from Erdogan of Turkey, and from Ahmadinajad or Iran, or from Assad in Syria.

Helen Thomas' jihad has finally been outed, boiled over to the point where it couldn't any longer be swept under the rug. But the underlying stench still remains, in the soft encouragement the WHite House has provided to our enemies in Iran, Syria, and the Hamas Central Command in Gaza--all at the expense of our true friend, the successful Democratic state of Israel.

Is Jay-Z Returning to the Dollar?

Is Jay-Z Returning to the Dollar?

Hip-Hop impresario Jay-Z had a bunch of 500 Euro notes spilling out of his suitcase in the Blue Magic video he made in 2007. It caused a little stir b/c the rapper seemed to be dissing the dollar as a major currency. Remember how everybody was talking about that?

The new strength of the dollar isn't because the Fed wants it that way--it's because the euro has collapsed. Click on the headline to read more.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Jersey Men Arrested on Terrorism Charges

Did you ever notice how infrequently the media coverage makes any distinction between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration? It’s absolutely whacky how illegal immigrants get an avalanche of attention while legal immigrants are left to wander the labyrinth of bureaucracy, travail, and financial cost with hardly an ounce of recognition or sympathy.

I was listening to a recording of one of the two New Jersey losers who were arrested at the airport on terrorism charges. The MSNBC (think Mindless, Sick, Nuts, Blind, and Cracked) Administration News Outlet in its stuttering, redundant way, has mentioned at least 25 times that the two jihadis are American citizens. The one guy’s age 20, and sounds stupid and guttural as he talks about cutting off American’s heads to get their attention. It was reported his parents were Jordanian immigrants. The other guy, from Jamaica, has been “naturalized” but by what process? By lying under oath to pledge allegiance to the U.S.?

The immigration authorities need to get serious about the immigration process. They need to stop illegal immigrants from voting in our elections. I can prove they do so, but no one’s interested. I’m not holding out hope that the Obama administration will anything except the opposite of what is needed. Just what is the policy on immigration? More basically, is there a policy or is it just made up to suit the headlines du jour?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Joran Van Der Sloot Pleads "Innocent Again" in the Murder of Peruvian Woman -

Joran Van Der Sloot Pleads "Innocent Again" in the Murder of Peruvian Woman - For a complete update of Joran Van Der Sloot's capture, click the headline link...

Helen Thomas Officially Brain-Dead: Film on You Tube

So there's nothing unusual about left-liberal anti semitism. All one has to do is check out the early coverage of the Turkish Islamotarian attempts to create a pathway for Iran and Syria to smuggle more arms to Gaza under the pretense of humanitarian aid. Turkey needs another Attaturk. They ought to get rid of Erdogan. And if the American press has any self respect left, they should get rid of Helen Thomas, who tells the "Juden" they ought to get back to Poland and Germany. Poland?... Isn't that where they had those nasty concentration camps?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dishonorable Mention: Joe Sestak's Silence

Dishonorable Mention: Joe Sestak's Silence
The dogs are beginning to bark as Congressman Darrell Issa asks the White House to reveal how many other political races the White House put a heavy hand to. Click the headline and read a very interesting and insightful article....

Hamas’ Propaganda Ship Nudges International Israel Haters

The world-wide knee-jerk reaction to the Israeli action against the Hate Ship is predictable. Many governments have fallen victim to leftist and Islamic propaganda and were just looking for such an opportunity to condemn Israel.
The Israeli action on the ship was a bit clumsy, but that was because it was timid in concept. The Israeli Navy should have treated the ship as what it was, a hostile venture aimed at breaking the blockade. Commandos with paintball guns? I know that all of the people aboard the ship were not terrorists, and that some were just useful idiots, but none of those people had peaceful motives.

Peaceful motives would have recognized that Iran and other countries were funneling rockets to Gaza, and that those rockets would be aimed at Israel. The useful idiots have to take responsibility for their actions. The “humanitarian aid” was just a pretense, as the Israelis would have delivered any humanitarian cargo the ship contained.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Natalie Holloway Suspect Joran Van Der Sloot Wanted in Connection with Murder of Peruvian Woman -

Natalie Holloway Suspect Joran Van Der Sloot Wanted in Connection with Murder of Peruvian Woman - Dutch Slimeboy Joran Van Der Sloot took a walk on the Natalie Holloway disappearance/murder case. Now police are looking for him for the beating, stabbing murder of a young Peruvian woman. It's not likely the Peruvian cops are going to play footsies with the sicko Dutch playboy.

Click on the linked headline to see why police are looking for Van Der Sloot now.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tipper Gore Kicks Al Gore to the Curb

Could anyone be more boring than Al Gore? Tipper believes not, and though it was announced last month that the Gores bought a 9 million dollar home on the California Coast, it wasn't enough to compensate for Al Gore's terminal odiousness. Tipper's been embarrassed by hubby Al ever since that dopey/sloppy kiss at the 2000 political convention.

Well, you've got to give Al Gore lots of credit for figuring out how to scam millions from the global warming fiasco. Even as he buys those giant homes with their energy absorbing luxury comforts, and even as he belches carbon from his private jets, he's got plain folks feeling plenty guilty if they turn the heat up past 60 in the winter.

So Al Gore and Tipper Gore are parting ways, leaving Al to cruise the California coast for younger chicks. Get a clue though, Al, you're going to have to lose the paunch. Why don't you sign up for one of those fat farms where they make you park your jet for a while and blubber around the indoor track?

Oh, and if you should get lucky flashing your millions around Montecito, don't start talking to the girl about "global warming." She'll think you're weird. Well, you are weird, but... well, you know...pretend...you know how to pretend, don't you?

Al Qaeda’s #3 Al Masri Killed in Predator Drone Strike

Al Qaeda’s #3 man El-Said Al Masri was taken out in a Predatory drone strike in Pakistan. The stepped up Predator drone strikes must be credited to President Obama, and they have been effective in shattering the Al Qaeda organizational structure. Pakistan’s cooperation with the White House/Military plan must also be credited, so the combined effort has put unprecedented pressure on the Al Qaeda leadership. The AQ leadership hasn’t been as much on its ass since Bin Laden was pushed out of Tora Bora on the ass of a donkey.

Still, this doesn’t prevent MSM media types like Tom Brokaw from uttering their favored banal, hackneyed, repetitive, and trite liberal chant: “Every time a terrorist is killed, another one takes his place,” the saying goes. It has many variations, but none are worth hearing.
Since 6 number 3 Bin Laden aides have been killed, I guess AQ will soon be getting down to hiring handicapped teens straight from the madrassas for the number 3 slot. AQ may have the capability of setting off bombs in crowded areas, but it is not the organization it would be if it had not had its ass kicked violently, and for a long time. Cowardly People who murder civilians a la Tanzania and Kenya, or New York, Spain or London, are perfect for visits by the “Reaper.”

The world is slowly turning against terror, and less susceptible to the anti-west Islamofacist propaganda, the Tom Brokaws and lesser acolytes notwithstanding. The idea that the U.S. and its anti-terror allies should be engaged in social work with humanity’s enemies rather than in killing them is laughable and weak. The only thing that would help AQ and its terror allies is if the objective becomes confused and self-flagellating.