Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Treasury Takes $2.1 Billion Loss and AP Prints White House Bulletin

  •   Taxpayers are taking a beating on the auto bailouts.   The AP reports this Chrysler loss today with a bow to the White House.   The AP article takes great pains to point out that the UAW Chrysler and GM bailouts were done on January 2 while George Bush was still in office. 

           The delicate AP story puts it that the Treasury is taking the loss.

  •  Treasury?...that’s us, isn’t it? This is typical AP reporting. AP is the communications arm of the Obama White House. How can the dumb-assed reporter not mention the letters, meetings, and transition teams of Obamanites who initiated these bailouts? Does he/she think readers wouldn't be interested in that? Since the election, Pelosi and other Democrats and the transition team had outlined the plan of UAW bailouts and it was a done deal. A barrage of letters from Obama-Reid-Pelosi tell of the planned Obama bailouts.  What was Bush supposed to do?  Say “no?”  Eighteen days later, it would have been done anyway.
  • A mere courtesy on the part of the outgoing admin. This is a deliberate slant and it wouldn't surprise me if some Chicago type put a little money into the reporter's pockets.



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