Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pennsylvania Tax Ad Should Aim at Governor Rendell

There's an ad being played on TV here in Pennsylvania which is designed to intimidate people into paying more PA income tax. After running the state into the ground, Fast Eddie Rendell needs the money to redistribute to political cronies. Rendell's obsequious support of the Obama administration and its fantasy world of health care "reform" required him to announce tax increases, rather than cutting down the size of PA bureaucracy, where most of the jobs are.

The scheme wouldn't work without a little nudging, so the geniuses who run the state hired an ad agency which targets a representative taxpayer (Tom) with little nuclear circles. Pay your taxes now, Tom, or something bad will happen to you. It's a very oppressive government ad and completely unnecessary.

I wonder how it would play out if the same little nuclear target circles were put into an ad targeting Governor Ed Rendell.

As in “Do a good job, Rendell, or you will pay heavily for the tax increases you inflict.”

That ad was disgusting, especially in economic times like this.

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