Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Obama Administration Tries Again on NYC Bomber Faisal Shahzad

Once the bombs in the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder were discovered, the police did fast work in rolling back the red carpet, catching the slack-jowled Pakistani hater on the tarmac with the intent of fleeing to Dubai. Some of Faisal's accomplices were arrested in Pakistan, and his connections with car, house, cellphone,etc, have been made.

That being said, one can't be too thrilled with the political statements coming out of public officials, many inthe Obama administration. Janet Napolitano doesn't quite get it, talking to America as if it were a kindergarten class, and providing us with the same lame assurances you'd give only to frightened children.

What's really disheartening about the administration, and what's really encouraging to terrorists, is that Obama administration officials have put out so many different messages about the War on Terror that one can only conclude that it is confused.

Michael Schuerer called the latest attack on New York a "success." WHile I wouldn't call it that, I can understand what Schuerer meant. The bomber found it too easy to penetrate New York City with a carload of bombs and related equipment. Obama's overtures to the Muslim world have been and will be interpreted as weakness, and Obama's oratorical retreats from traditional U.S. policies have only encouraged attacks.

Obama's strategic message is not half so bad as the public messages they have been sending. By contrast, consider Vladimir Putin and the messages he sends to his "enemies." Yah, I know, Putin's stooges sat there while the head Irano-Nazi berated the West yesterday. But there won't be any mollifications regarding the latest terror attack on the Russians, you can be sure. And the tough line Moscow has taken on Chechnya, and on Basayeev the Beslan Butcher, does not invite further incursion.

At the same time, we have Eric Holder still undecided about using New York City as the location to try KSM, and you have the Clinton's looked for connections between Shahzad and the Hutaree militia, and Janet Napolitano doing the same.

There's too much b.s. coming from this administration at a time when we need solidity, clarity, and leadership. We don't need to wait until the next attack on a civilian population occurs to get serious about these assholes.

We can get serious and still maintain the rights we have from God and the U.S. Constitution. To think otherwise is to be less than serious.

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