Friday, May 28, 2010

It Was Bill Clinton Who Offered Sestak the Job, I Swear

There seems to be a predictable lack of MSM cynicism regarding the White House announcement that it was Bill Clinton who offered Joe Sestak a job in the Obama administration. But there is plenty of laughter, and one of the persons laughing is Bill Clinton. Huh, huh, huh...That Bob Bauer...what a card!

Bob Bauer’s story is that the White House offered Sestak an “alternate path to service” so he could keep his job in the House and still stand next to Obama during photo opportunities. Under federal rules, that would be illegal if the job offer (or alternative path to service) was a paid position like Secretary of the Navy.

If Bauer’s version is the entire version, then Rahm asked President Clinton to ask Sestak….and you know the rest. But if the story were that simple, then why were there months of delay when the story first surfaced? Were there other attempts at persuading Sestak to quit the race? Of course, this opaque White House, with its secretive ways and fortress mentality, is not going to stand for putting Bill Clinton and Rahm Emmanuel under oath, but why not Joe Sestak?

If there’s nothing there, then the White House gains in credibility, and the cynics disappear into the woodwork.

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