Monday, April 26, 2010

GM Ad Hoax Tells of Payback Hoax

Remember the TARP program? Remember when Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama sent a letter to the outgoing President Bush asking him to put up some seed money for the Big Three automakers? Just a start, Mr. Bush, just a start. We'll take care of the rest, said Obama and Pelosi.

At that point, who knew that GM and Chrysler-Cerberus (a privately owned investment company) would fall in the category of the Troubled Asset Recovery Program?

Barack Obama: "We've got to dole out money to these companies, folks. If GM and the investment firm of Chrysler Cerberus goes down, you'll be the ones to suffer."

Oh, yeah? How? Can we suffer any more than we are now with unemployment ranging from 10 to 25 percent, depending on what you count?

But now comes this ridiculous GM ad campaign which boasts that GM has paid back the U.S. taxpayers five years sooner than expected.

So they paid back about 8 million with the money we gave to GM, and that came from an escrow account set up compliments of Uncle Sap Taxpayer. Now there's still 73 percent of the money we gave them which is yet to be paid. The U.S. still owns 61 percent of GM; the Canadians some smaller percentage; the UAW the rest.

Where's Obama during all this? Feting the Yankees? Flogging Arizonans for the Latino vote (not mentioning that a significant number of legal Latinos want better immigration control)?

I feel kind of embarrassed that Obama is so clueless about everything. It's not entirely Obama's fault--the fool has no options but to do what he's been taught to do. Besides, you can't blame a brother for trying to get over. Obama's gotten over big, that's all. Obama's gotten over on a bunch of primarily clueless white people who believe they are expiating their racial sins. I love my brown, black, red, yellow, and white brothers and sisters. We all bleed the same color. I don't have any racial sins so why should I have to pay by this bumbling amateur voted into the presidency?

I think more to blame are the people who voted him in. He's out of place in the White House. Perhaps with some years of experience he would have a clue and wouldn't be half as embarrassing.

I think the White House experience is tearing him apart. I think the Obama White House is tearing America apart. I think GM should STFU and file for bankruptcy, followed by Chrysler-Cerberus so that we can at least make a claim of their assets.

Who knows? It might defer some of the giant tax and price increases that are stomping toward us on the horizon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heat is on in PA Primary Fight Between Specter, Sestak
Arlen Specter crosses military friends off his "friends" list with a nasty campaign ad directed against a retired Navy officer.
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Public Notice to Valerie Jarrett: Barack Took a Milliion from Goldman Sachs

You already knew. You're talking major flak here. Jarrett did the obligatory appearance on several TV channels to peddle the financial reform package. Fine, but did she have to say: "...we're working for a lot of people who were really hurt by this (Goldman Sachs)..." and blah-blah.

"Champions of the people" in this case are British Banks, German Banks, and American banks and other investors.

News flash for you, Valerie Jarrett. Stop trying to fool people; it's well known that your boss, Barack, got a cool million from Goldman. And you also know that it takes at least a million dollars to even play at the CDO and CDS swaps at Goldman Sachs. People who were affected by the GS scandal can afford whole teams of lawyers, Valerie.

But I guess this is Democrat "populism" these days.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goldman Sachs Hires Former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig to Defend Against SEC

Goldman Sachs Hires Former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig to Defend Against SEC -White House?....White House?...this is Greg Craig.... Please hold for a call to the President. Click on the headline to hear what the former White House counsel is doing for Goldman Sachs these days....and more!

Who Murdered Robert Wone: Conspiracy Trial Begins May 10, 2010 -

Who Murdered Robert Wone: Conspiracy Trial Begins May 10, 2010 Click on the headline to read about a long-standing hidden story which has blogs and the lamestream media abuzz.... in the "down-low" way...

Monday, April 19, 2010

An Afghan Experience: Roads of the Poconos -- the Stroudsburgs

This ia a rant,nothing more. But I'm betting that Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg, both small towns in Pennsylvania have the worst roads in all the nation. I expect that the roads in the Stroudsburgs are better than those of the Afghan mountains but I'm not sure.

There's not a single road which has not been patched and repatched to the degree that the road appears asphalt quilted. These roads will rattle your shocks, they rattle your teeth, they rattle your tie rods and bearings, and they can shake the paint from your car.

For that matter, most of the people who live in Stroudsburgs drive pickup trucks. Only the heavier, larger pickup trucks can surve these roads, however. The smaller pickups soon become trashed just like the other vehicles.

Of course, the tire replacement stores and the suspension parts stores are doing well but there are many people who cannot afford new tires, struts, tie rods.

The "city" makes all kind of useless expenditure but no one wants to fix the roads. It's the other guys' jobs. Whenever you do see a road crew, it's a large one but it's not working. The road crews look at the roads with malevolent resentment. Make no mistake about it, though; if you see a road crew, you can be sure that road crew is tearing up the roads, not fixing them.

Bump, bump, rattle, rattle--the tourists bypass the towns if they're smart--on the way to the gambling casino at Mount Airy.

Goldman-Sachs Announces it Will Fight the SEC Lawsuit - Associated Content -

Goldman-Sachs Announces it Will Fight the SEC Lawsuit Goldman-Sux, the drama continues-click on the headline to read a really lively and fun-loving article!

Friday, April 16, 2010

SEC Files Civil Suit Alleging Fraud Against Goldman-Sachs -

SEC Files Civil Suit Alleging Fraud Against Goldman-Sachs - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comThe latest Government v. Wall Street contretemps. The funniest part of it is that Obama pals, Jim Johnson, Franklin Raines, and Jamie Gorelick along with Chris Dodd pals at Countrywide, got rich on the scams. But who's looking?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

IRS Tax Freedom in Prisons Across the Country

IRS Tax Freedom in Prisons Across the Country Are you having trouble getting a refund? Perhaps you should get tax advice from a prison inmate. CNN reports that millions of IRS tax funds have been lost due to fraudulent claims filed by U.S. prison inmates. Click on the headline to read more...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Citi sells hedge fund businesses to SkyBridge Hedge Funds - MarketWatch

Citi sells hedge fund businesses to SkyBridge Hedge Funds - MarketWatchSo I'm skeptical about stocks in spite of bounce back which sems to have everyone enthused. I got killed in our index fund and took the emotional exit, dropping out, cementing my losses. That's what you're not supposed to do. Another way of looking at it is that I'm paying for my heart. I'm angry, very angry, and it's likely I'll remain angry.

On the other hand, I had good luck in playing around with small quantities of individual stocks. The first thing I did was buy and sell a local bank stock. I held it for over a year so it would be taxed at a lower rate but I made about 23 percent in profit. Not bad for a rank amateur.

Continuing my blunders, I tucked away a portion of those earnings and put a bit into (you'll laugh) Ford. Essentially, I could only afford "beat up" stocks--cheap. Everyone laughed at me. It was hard to believe the amount of scorn to which I was subjected if I announced this to anyone. I got lucky in the timing. I sold the Ford at a good profit...don't remember exactly.... but then it dropped in price so I bought it again. Again, I made money. I sold Ford short, however; I would have made a lot more if I'd held on to it but still I was happy. A bird in hand. I felt like I'd got over. And then I bought Citi--- Well, I thought they'd finally got me. Citi dropped, dropped further, and kept dropping. I felt bad, afraid to mention it to my wife who had set a strict gambling limit. I bought some more Citi stock.

It took a while, but not Citi "C" is being productive--in its own way. It's not earning anything--has no P/E and no EPS. But the price jump has put me into the black and then some. It's likely I'll hold on for quite some time as the whole business takes too much time. I think Citi will be good investment in the long term.

Citibank announced today it was selling its hedge fund to Skybridge. Good riddance. I hate hedge funds (though they're necessary) because they always make me think of George Soros.

Anyway, here's the story from the Wall Street Journal. Click on the headline--it'll open up.

How's that Obama "Engagement" Working Out for You?

I’m willing to accept that there was something to be gained by the “Nuclear Summit” just held by President Obama but they forgot something.  Iran.   The administration knows that Iran, if it doesn’t already have a bomb, will have one soon, and they consciously choose to ignore it, to leave the problems for the next president.   Obama so desperately wants to be perceived as the bearer of the holy olive branch of peace in the world that he’ll let America be pushed around on the world stage by Ahmadinajad.   How does the president trust so much that Ahmadinajad won’t hand off a bomb to terrorists?   He doesn’t, but yet he’s willing to put off doing anything about it so that he can hold on to his narcissistic vision of presidential greatness.


A great vision it is not.   Obama looks more like the Fool on the Hill than the president of the United States, and America’s enemies are well aware of his foolishness.   Syria’s dictator, Bashir Assad, is taking advantage of Obama’s feeble-mindedness.  Assad’s new assist to Terror Inc.  is to provide Hizbollah with Scud missiles with a 465 mile range.  Hizbollah terrorists are destructive enough with their current missile range of 60 miles—the new Scud missiles will improve its capabilities of destroying Israel.   


Obama’s response to this has been to reward Syria with a new ambassador.   Previously, the Bush administration had blocked the appointment of an ambassador to Syria and the Bush White House had also implemented a program of sanctions which Obama ordered now to be loosened. 


Of course, this is “leadership” in ObamaLand.   Click your heels and spin around three times.  When you couple it with the recent tragic and club-footed diplomatic insult of Israel’s President Netanyahu, you’ve got to think Obama’s sure to get another Nobel Prize.   

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Pennsylvania House Race is Barletta's Best Chance to Unseat Kanjorski
Hazleton's Republican Mayor Lou Barletta is determined to unseat incumbent Democrat Rep. Paul Kanjorski.
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Michelle Malkin » Purple People upheaval: What’s behind SEIU thug-in-chief Andy Stern’s resignation?; Update: The shadow of Richard Trumka; SEIU issues statement

Michelle Malkin » Purple People upheaval: What’s behind SEIU thug-in-chief Andy Stern’s resignation?; Update: The shadow of Richard Trumka; SEIU issues statementMichelle Malkin is breaking this news I hadn't heard about. Michelle doesn't yet know why Stern is resigning but we can expect an annnouncement of another Czar or administration flunky very soon. Click the headline to read Malkin's full report.

Batting in Left Field Now: President Obama's Supreme Court

“Get me somebody who’s sympathetic to the people who voted for me!,” said President Obama.  Well, that’s a slight interpretation but not a “mis” interpretation.   Obama has already shown the degree to which he is willing to go against what Americans want in signing the 1-party Health Care Tax and Reform scam.  


Here’s the President’s Help Wanted Ad:


Wanted:  Supreme Court Justice candidate.  Must be able to cry on cue.  Gun control background necessary but willing to train declared moderates.   American citizenship not required, but illegal aliens are barred from the job, unfortunately.   Willing to train, however.  


Must be sympathetic to the following causes:  renewables of any type,  gay marriage, snail darter,  convicted criminals (see Victims in Obama lexicon), enemy combatants, and Islamists (note: veting process will ensure that Islamist and “terrorist” will not be used in same context).


Must be opposed to:  nuclear power, coal gasification, Israeli (soon to be renamed “Zionism) capitalism of all types,  U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, especially 1st and 2nd Amendments, but could include 10th Amendment.


More details to be published as discussions with Iran continue. 



Friday, April 9, 2010

Confused Democrat Bart Stupak Quits Job

I’d like to see a poll of who is the most confused Democrat of all.  My guess would be Bart Stupak, who is the latest Democrat Party casualty of promising “no” but voting “yes.”   I hope he can get his confusion straightened out.  Then perhaps he can stop smearing dissident voices who felt that the health care vote was dishonest and that the bill was patently deceptive.   I imagine Bart Stupak could relate to that, and why should he quite therefore?


Of course, Stupak had to sing a swan song, perorating about how mean and vicious anti-Obama forces had created a hostile environment for him.   Another smear job, of course, and another indication of party denial. 


You don’t hear people like Stupak actually defending the health care bill.  I suppose that’s because there is no health care in it, just taxes, and Medicare cuts.   Democrats need to avoid such issues, just as they need to avoid the unemployment rate increased by failed stimulus policies. 


 Instead, you hear these mostly made up stories about how opposition to President Obama’s policies are rooted in racism.  The racism drama gets some fantastic embellishments from people who believe they are helping Democrats by advancing this blighted scenario.  I never respond to that rot because of what I know in my heart.   What need is there of reaction?   The racist narrative, so popularized in the smarmy lame-stream press, is just a white liberal fig-leaf covering a small you-know-what.  What?  J


So Boo-hoo, another Democratic wobbler goes hobbling off into the sunset.   Whatever his personal beliefs were, and who really knows except himself, he should not have misled his small contingent of Democrats.  


I hope Democrat Jason Altmire gets re-elected.   There is an hones man.  I don’t agree with him, but I have a great deal of respect for him. 


So buh-bye, Bart Stupak, and good riddance!





Review: "This So-Called Disaster: Sam Shepard Directs the Late Henry Moss."

Review: "This So-Called Disaster: Sam Shepard Directs the Late Henry Moss." - Associated Content -

Israel's Bibi Netanyahu Kicks Nuclear Sumit to the Curb

Apologize for America, alienate your friends, and embrace your enemies is now established policy of the Obama administration.   Let there be no doubt of this.    The pathetic treatment of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu stands as a symbol of the low visionary politics promulgated by this administration.


Obama’s intifada has gained strength in the Arab world and Iran, Turkey, and Egypt have taken Obama’s supplications as a signal to continue and expand attacks on the only Democracy in the Middle East.  


Bibi’s no punk, however, and with a bit more dignity than Obama could muster in bringing the Israeli leader through the servant’s quarters of the White House,  Netanyahu told the WH to go screw.    Just because the Obama administration is masochistic and enjoys being whipped doesn’t mean that pride and integrity should be lost around the world.  


There’s absolutely no reason Israel should walk into what is a patent ambush, a political dog and pony show designed to demonstrate Obama’s ability to sacrifice integrity at the altar of appeasement.


Our America suffers at this stupidity and there is only one thing to be remembered.   The only thing to be gained by selling your friends to the alligators is that you’re the last one eaten.