Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Family Guy" One Deluded MoFo

I'm neutral about Sarah Palin as a politician but I noticed that she and her family don't have the stink of slick Washington D.C. politicians on them. I like them and I think they're brave. But you'd have to be brain-dead not to come to their defense after that crummy, no-talent cartoon show writer Seith McFarlane of the so-called "Family Guy" hit out at Palin. Not just at Palin, the low-life bastard hit hard on the Palin's developmentally delayed son Trig. Wow, McFarlane has some kind of weird problem, I'd say.

Not only does McFarlane have to beat the woman down, he has to beat her kid down. I'll bet Seth McFarlane wouldn't try beating down Palin's husband, though, because punks don't pick on guys like Palin's husband. He'd probably have some dog-sled tracks imprinted on his face.... at the very least.

McFarlane calls himself an "equal opportunity offender." I"ll bet. Sure, he'll pinion Sasha and Melia in his next episode, just to tweak Michelle. They're not politicians so they're fair game in McFarlane's book. No, that wouldn't be according to type.

With a little luck, maybe "Family Guy" will go after Bill Clinton's daughter nextg. No, he's likely to get a much needed ass-whippin' there, too.

But the smear will have it venom-spewing defenders, like that woman from Entertainment Weekly who appeared on CNN. Even the guy on CNN was revolted by McFarlane's unfunny beat-down of a developmentally delayed kid or "a retard" if you're listening to Rahm Emmanual.

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