Friday, January 29, 2010

Democrat Party Guide: How to Capture Bin Laden

Capturing Bin Laden should be easy now that he's weighed in on climate change. Morever, we now know why he's turned into a murderous, violent maniac. It's because he thinks we've raised the temperature on him. It's too hot in Quetta where he's hiding and he's not gonna' stand for a hotter planet. \

So here's what we do. First, we get Al Gore to call for another climate summit. Perhaps we can promise to show an Al Gore climate change special or maybe something from Current TV. We're told that Bin Laden loves Current TV--that's all he watches b/c climate change is such a popular topic there. We could even show a Michael Moore film. Tell him Nancy Pelosi will attend.

Then, when we've got him at the climate change coinference, bingo! We bag him! Maybe we can then negotiate some kind of deal with Bin Laden. Maybe say.... we turn over Gaza to him and promise to replace our motel bibles with the Koran.

It's a win-win situation. We catch Bin Laden and we finally resolve that pesky climate situation. Peace will reign in the world.

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