Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Krauthammer Hammers Illinois Gitmo

Poker-faced Charles Krauthammer's first opening line made me LOL when he opened up on the detainee transfers to Illinois with:


Just about everyone believes that the Obama administration is making a big mistake in pandering to the loonie left with this decision to close Gitmo. Krauthammer worries, as we all do, that the Islamo-Nazis will be granted even further rights and privileges from the Obama administration as soon as their feet touch the burned ground.

Yet, the myrmidon dweebs of the jackass party continue to trumpet the transfer of these headcutters and attackers of innocent civilian victims as some sort of we'll-show-them kind of dumbshow, a kind of rationale that only makes sense among the minions of adult jejeune prep-school sophomores who hang around the Senate cloakroom giving each other wedgies. Do they really think that Al Qaeda gives a rat's ass about some little dumb-assed Department of Justice Dog and Pony Show?

There's no sense trying a counter-argument to this nonsense. Everyone knows what's going on. This administration speaks in a textbook boilerplate kind of language that defies discussion. Memorization. Repeat after me:

"The Mess We Inherited".... "If we don't get this tax on health care, health care costs will rise dramatically".... "the economy is improving but we have a ways to go".... "we are still in a recession but we're not in a recession"....blur-blur...blah-blah....

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