Sunday, December 27, 2009

Obama Administration Proud of Its Security Measures

So after three days, the Obama administration officials are out in force with a MESSAGE! The message is that everything worked beautifully in stopping the Christmas Bomber from taking down a Northwest Airline flight. Oh, really? I thought we just got lucky that the bomber effed up.

Napolitano and Gibbs insist, though, that it was through the clever security schemes of the Obama administration that thwarted a bigger disaster. Wow, thanks, Janet! I really feel like flying now. If this is success, I wonder how you'd define failure.

So the Christmas bomber was on a watch list, bought a one-way ticket with cash and no luggage, and spent most of the flight in the bathroom and yet, magically, the security measures worked? I'm still not getting it. I don't think Homeland Security is getting it either.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Did Congress Just Create the Tenth Circle of Hell?

The Health Care Bill passed the Congress but not without a sort of mordant humor. Most of the belly laughs come as Obama’s representatives in the Congress try to sell the package to the public by appearing on television and telling why ObamaCare, high taxes, congressional bribery, exploding deficits, health care rationing, death panels, different rules for different states, and a bunch of hidden bomblets which have yet to explode are so good for America. So where’s the funny part?

The funny part always comes when Obama’s mandarin of the moment introduces the topic, as Claire McCaskill did this morning on Fox News, by talking about the “previous administration.” This funny part can be recited first, or in the middle, or it can be recited last, but it will ALWAYS be recited. Senator John Kerry did the same when he appeared on the Fox Business Channel today with Don Imus.

The question as to when the Obama administration and its unctuous mouthpieces will take accountability for anything can be answered in this way: “Never.” Democratic Party shills and talking heads are not even embarrassed to recite this Sesame-street level ditty of indictment of the “previous administration.” Is this a case of pervasive and widespread “penis envy” (as Sigmund Freund would call it) that Obama and his staunchest supporters always measure their every action (or lack thereof) against those of George Bush? Democrats have seized the opportunity of open field running to jam a one-party bill down America’s throat, even while the majority of Americans don’t like the way it’s been written, and even less the way it’s been done.

Don’t these glorified sock puppets who appear to rationalize a poor offering realize that the public is angry—after they stop laughing, that is? When are the ObamaCare nanny-statists going to cut the Minister of Propaganda routine and realize that people are not as stupid as the Democrats presume them to be and that they do not like to be misled. “You lie!” said Joe Wilson. A better choice of words might have been: “You fib!” Or perhaps: “You propagandize!” Or maybe “You play politics with human life!” Or how about “You do not believe in representative democracy!” Well, some of those won’t fit on a bumper sticker.

What the Congress passed was a tangle of legislation which will strangle any attempts at clarity or focus upon the aspects of the health care system which really do need “reform.” But to call this “reform” is to call Pol Pot a social engineer for moving urban Cambodians to the country. How can “reform” not apply to doctors hit by extortionist tort insurance payments? How can “reform” prohibit buying insurance across state lines? How can “reform” prohibit buying medications from Canada? How can “reform” involve cutting 500 billion dollars from Medicare benefits just as millions of baby boomers are retiring after paying for it for all their working lives? How can “reform” guarantee profits to insurance and drug companies and their lobbies in perpetuity as a sop to obtain their silence if not their support?

There were about two provisions of the health care which could have been amended under true health care reform and which are in the current bill. Insurance companies will not be able to set maximum limits on coverage of the insured and they will not be able to reject persons with pre-existing conditions from coverage. What we needed was a reform of the catastrophic health care provisions, free market health care, tort reform, and the ability to buy medications from Canada. That could have been done without descending into the labyrinth of Congressional Democrats’ version of health care pork and bribery. What Congress needs to do now is summon the genius of Dante so that this bill, and the people who shoved it down our throats, may be consigned to yet another of his famous Circles of Hell.

Democrats' Health Care Bill Guarantees Profits for Big Pharma and Insurance Companies - Associated Content -

Democrats' Health Care Bill Guarantees Profits for Big Pharma and Insurance Companies - Associated Content -

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today, We Are All From Nebraska

Yes, it's important to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Nebraska's Senator Ben Nelson who hornswoggled (Nebraska word) the Democrat Congress into paying for all of Nebraska's Medicaid Costs in perpetuity.

And why shouldn't we want to do that? Think of the consequences not doing that--of looking petty, or petulant, or prickly, or any of the other horrible adjectives which begin with a "p."

And wasn't it "'portant" to get a one-party health care vote in the dead of night? Think of the 26 million people who will be left alone, who will not have health care, unmolested by the Big Brother Government. Shouldn't we be glad for them that they won't have to either share or benefit from the multi-trillion dollar pig-in-a-poke Health Care Bill which nobody seems to know much about? And what about the new millions who we are told will be covered, though at third world levels? And why should senior receiving Medicare now not be thrilled with 500 billion in Medicare cuts? Sure, they worked for a benefit that will now be paid for free by the Big Brother government, but so what? It's the Christmas season. 'Tis the season for sharing. And that's why today we are all Nebraskans!

MSNBC's Morning Joe Television Show Running Hard for Second Place - Associated Content -

MSNBC's Morning Joe Television Show Running Hard for Second Place - Associated Content -

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Krauthammer Hammers Illinois Gitmo

Poker-faced Charles Krauthammer's first opening line made me LOL when he opened up on the detainee transfers to Illinois with:


Just about everyone believes that the Obama administration is making a big mistake in pandering to the loonie left with this decision to close Gitmo. Krauthammer worries, as we all do, that the Islamo-Nazis will be granted even further rights and privileges from the Obama administration as soon as their feet touch the burned ground.

Yet, the myrmidon dweebs of the jackass party continue to trumpet the transfer of these headcutters and attackers of innocent civilian victims as some sort of we'll-show-them kind of dumbshow, a kind of rationale that only makes sense among the minions of adult jejeune prep-school sophomores who hang around the Senate cloakroom giving each other wedgies. Do they really think that Al Qaeda gives a rat's ass about some little dumb-assed Department of Justice Dog and Pony Show?

There's no sense trying a counter-argument to this nonsense. Everyone knows what's going on. This administration speaks in a textbook boilerplate kind of language that defies discussion. Memorization. Repeat after me:

"The Mess We Inherited".... "If we don't get this tax on health care, health care costs will rise dramatically".... "the economy is improving but we have a ways to go".... "we are still in a recession but we're not in a recession"....blur-blur...blah-blah....

Thomson Illinois Becomes Gitmo Prisoner Terror Headquarters

I don't know exactly why I've fixated on Dick Durbin as the ultimate Dunce of Democratic Party Politics. Perhaps because he's from Illinois. Perhaps because his first and last name has an attractive alliteration with "Dunce." No matter the reason, Durbin was on TV today crowing about the jobs the Illinois Gitmo would provide. Yeah, well the jobs are good but it's pretty pathetic that the only kind of jobs the Obama administration can create are prison jobs.

What I'd like to talk about, however, is how stupid are these people who are defending Obama's decision to close Gitmo and bring in the prisoners to U.S. soil. Defenders assure us of the "complete safety" of the move. They tell us of the "Supermax" conditions of tight security, how these prisons are inescapable. Yeah, well that's nice too, but hardly the point.

What I'd like to know is how the Obamanites are going to prevent these murderin' psychotic nazi elite terrorists from communicating with other like-minded creeps inside and outside the prison system. The terrorists are going to be extended rights and avenues of communication that they don't have in Gitmo. In Gitmo, they're cut off. Terror communications go mostly nowhere, though I suspect some news traveled with released Gitmo prisoners.

But in Illinois? Please? Prisoners routinely order hits, and their lawyers (look up Lynne Stewart) routinely carry terrorist messages in spite the law. Thomson, Illinois--The New Al Qaeda Headquarters..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tales from the Treasury Crypt, with Nancy Pelosi

In a press conference this week, Speaker Pelosi told news people that Democrats would like to rack up a health care plan quickly so that she could give it to the American people as a Christmas/ New Year’s “present.”

She didn’t mention whether she would include a receipt in the package so that we could quickly run back to Customer Service to return it or get something we can actually use—like a tax break to stimulate small business jobs. I expect those lines would be long enough to wind around the world since 54 percent of Americans are against it and only 34 percent for it.

These coming holidays are beginning to look more like the Mexican Day of the Dead, as Pelosi and Reid announce they want to raise the debt limit. As if “astronomical” is too limited an adjective to describe the Slush Fund that used to be the Taxpayer’s Treasury.