Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Seeks Gitmo in the Midwest

News reports say that the Obama administration is looking for jail real estate in rural Thomson, Illinois. A prison facility described as "state-of-the-art" by many news organizations may become the permanent facility for terrorist prisoners in that other state-of-the-art prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Plus ca change!....

If that's not ridiculous enough, consider that Dick Durbin and others are pushing the Terror Prison as a jobs program. Durbin told news reporters that the Thomson facility, if used to house Terrorist prisoners, could provide as much as 1000 jobs. Boy, that will cut into the 10.2 percent of American unemployed.

Maybe we can add a few words to the plaque at the Statue of Liberty. You know--"We welcome your poor, huddled, and tired masses....YOUR TERRORISTS and AMERICA HATERS... and so forth.....

The left-wing anti-Bush brigades, who have for eight years obstructed the Bush administration's plans to try KSM and others by military tribunals, miss the point entirely. Even worse, they're working hard to make you miss the point. The Obamanite lefty-lefties blink the line that goes something like how it's impossible to "escape from Super-Max." Of course you might not escape, but you can communicate and do a lot of harm inside. Super-Max inmates can reach out to other prisoners, pass information along through lawyers and visitors, and perhaps even continue to expand, operate and manage organizations.

This news, released just days after Eric Holder's (and Obama's) decision to try Guantanamo prisoners in New York, is probably designed to redirect some of the media focus from other decisions. Call your congressional rep--let them know what you think of a Midwest Gitmo and constitutional rights for Islamic militants who target civilian populations.

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