Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dick Durbin is a Duncemore

Man, a guy who really doesn't get it is Dick Durbin. He's been put out as a kind of unofficial spokesperson for the administration, a kind of expendable foot soldier, political cannon fodder and a dunce of the first order. Durbin defended the closed door proceeding going on right now in the Senate where another Health Care Bill is being secretly written in accordance with the usual Utopian cant.

On the issue of moving Guantanamo to New York and Illinois, he really doesn't get it. Durbin continues to focus the discussion on public safety of the surrounding community. Blah-blah...the community will be safe...more blah-blah....nobody's ever escaped Supermax..etc...and more blah-blah.... Giving these guys the dais is a sure soporific, the only problems is that you can't afford to go to sleep with these dunces at the helm.

Somebody ought to tell Duncemore Durbin how the prison grapevine works, and how Lynn Lefty Stewart, a New York lawyer, passed along classified information she obtained in the discovery process for a terror client. Durbin's like a retarded elderly family member rejoined from the institution.... smiling and drooling and spewing pre-fab catch phrases.

How the hell did Durbin get to be the number 2 guy in the House? Oh, forgot--they're Democrats.

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