Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New York Governor Joins Ranks of Opposition to New York Gitmo

New York Governor David Patterson joined the growing list of big political players who oppose trying Gitmo prisoners in New York City. Just like Pete Hoekstra, Rudy Giuliani, Peter King, Joe Lieberman, and other prominent figures, Patterson announced that Eric Holder's plan was an idiotic idea. He'll have to go along with it, he acknowledged.

Of course, the whole thing is political farce, worthy of a laugh, if it weren't going to have such dire consequences.

Dick Durbin is a Duncemore

Man, a guy who really doesn't get it is Dick Durbin. He's been put out as a kind of unofficial spokesperson for the administration, a kind of expendable foot soldier, political cannon fodder and a dunce of the first order. Durbin defended the closed door proceeding going on right now in the Senate where another Health Care Bill is being secretly written in accordance with the usual Utopian cant.

On the issue of moving Guantanamo to New York and Illinois, he really doesn't get it. Durbin continues to focus the discussion on public safety of the surrounding community. Blah-blah...the community will be safe...more blah-blah....nobody's ever escaped Supermax..etc...and more blah-blah.... Giving these guys the dais is a sure soporific, the only problems is that you can't afford to go to sleep with these dunces at the helm.

Somebody ought to tell Duncemore Durbin how the prison grapevine works, and how Lynn Lefty Stewart, a New York lawyer, passed along classified information she obtained in the discovery process for a terror client. Durbin's like a retarded elderly family member rejoined from the institution.... smiling and drooling and spewing pre-fab catch phrases.

How the hell did Durbin get to be the number 2 guy in the House? Oh, forgot--they're Democrats.

David Obey (D) Says President's Team Lied about Job Claims

The crack Obama economic team recently published information about jobs on the White HOuse Recovery (ARRA) website and it's full of errors, mistakes, duplicated information, non-existent congressional districts and more. But how else could the administration come up with a canard sufficiently impressive to trumpet that Obama saved 600,000 jobs, except by fudging?

It's pretty bad when Democratic reps have to go public with this embarrassing information but they have to live with themselves. Apparently, that's what prompted David Obey to go public with his criticism of the Obama economic team for coming up with these lies.

Another Day of Waiting in Afghanistan

On the next chi-chi outing President Obama takes to New York City, I'd suggest he get tickets to a Brecht play called "Waiting for Godot." After that, he should see Shakespeare's "Hamlet." Both these plays have to do with waiting, being unable to make up one's mind, and with speaking in riddles.

But I guess the President, by his absurd ten-month long fanciful notions about "re-thinking" and wanting "additional options" has fulfilled his purpose of letting General McChrystal know who's boss. The President's behavior is typical of people lacking confidence in themselves, finding it then convenient to lay a heavy hand on the shoulders of the people who cannot easily speak out for obvious reasons.

Obama wants out. This "strategy" he has of waiting for fate to decide the issue for him is cowardly. Worse, it hurts the troops. Eventually, it will hurt all of America.

Health Care Debate Declared a Great Emotional Drain

The Obama administration is slipping backward as it tries to foist this greatest of all boondoggles on Americans who are worried about job loss, terrorism, and how to cope with household budgets. Almost everyone realizes that we need to remedy problems in the health insurance industry, but who needs this massive restructuring of the American political system and rearrangement of the economy? Only the loony-lefties, who want to pay for it with taxpayer dollars as we march with blindfolds to Obama's promised Utopia. I think, if we look hard, we can find that rarer species, the moderate Democrat, who has not gone over the borderlines of common sense. These are opposed to the pig-in-a-poke plan which comprises 2000 pages and nobody seems to understand. We're not supposed to understand it--we're just supposed to pass it.

We need to start over again with a 2 party system and make the changes where they're needed. Health care "reform" must be tightly focused on weak areas. It must include tort reform which is primarily a dial-for-dollars arrangement which forces doctors either out of business or into low-risk practices where seriously ill patients are refused treatment. We also have to be able to buy insurance across state lines. I've yet to hear anyone offer reasons as to why we cannot do so right now.

Reed, Pelosi, and Obama need to forget about this legislation right now. Start over. Forget the psycho-babble. Do it right.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Seeks Gitmo in the Midwest

News reports say that the Obama administration is looking for jail real estate in rural Thomson, Illinois. A prison facility described as "state-of-the-art" by many news organizations may become the permanent facility for terrorist prisoners in that other state-of-the-art prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Plus ca change!....

If that's not ridiculous enough, consider that Dick Durbin and others are pushing the Terror Prison as a jobs program. Durbin told news reporters that the Thomson facility, if used to house Terrorist prisoners, could provide as much as 1000 jobs. Boy, that will cut into the 10.2 percent of American unemployed.

Maybe we can add a few words to the plaque at the Statue of Liberty. You know--"We welcome your poor, huddled, and tired masses....YOUR TERRORISTS and AMERICA HATERS... and so forth.....

The left-wing anti-Bush brigades, who have for eight years obstructed the Bush administration's plans to try KSM and others by military tribunals, miss the point entirely. Even worse, they're working hard to make you miss the point. The Obamanite lefty-lefties blink the line that goes something like how it's impossible to "escape from Super-Max." Of course you might not escape, but you can communicate and do a lot of harm inside. Super-Max inmates can reach out to other prisoners, pass information along through lawyers and visitors, and perhaps even continue to expand, operate and manage organizations.

This news, released just days after Eric Holder's (and Obama's) decision to try Guantanamo prisoners in New York, is probably designed to redirect some of the media focus from other decisions. Call your congressional rep--let them know what you think of a Midwest Gitmo and constitutional rights for Islamic militants who target civilian populations.

Obama Asks for Delay in Congressional Hearings on Fort Hood

President Obama cautions against "political theatre" in asking for a delay of Congressional hearings on the Fort Hood Massacre by Soldier of Allah Hasan. But wasn't the Obama administration handling of the murder and mayhem at Fort Hood the very sort of political theatre Obama cautions against? Against what everyone knew immediately due to Hasan's shouted "Allah Akhbar!" as he pumped bullets into unarmed troops at Fort Hood, the Obama administration warned against jumping to the correct conclusion. Instead, he wanted everyone to jump to the P C conclusion--the wrong one as it turns out.

I can sort of see the reason for Obama's request for a delay. The Army CID needs a little breathing space to get its act together. But Obama has done little to establish credibility with those who question his bona fides with regard to a number of pressing issues.

His dithering on Afghanistan, even after being president for ten months and being thoroughly briefed by the Bush administration, is cynical and dangerous. While Obama dithers, the troops are suffering for lack of support, and the Taliban surges. It seems as if Obama's intent is to let the situation deteriorate to the point where he can sound a retreat.

Obama/Holder's decision to try the Gitmo prisoners in downtown Manhattan is a move both political and dangerous.

Obama's message on foreign policy in general has been amateurish if not destructive. Congress should go ahead with its hearings, as the Obama team routinely suppresses information it doesn't want Americans to know. Congressman Pete Hoekstra and Senator Joe Lieberman recognized the lack of "transparency" for what it is--an attempt to hide from America what it needs to know as it elects its leaders.

If Congress delays its own investigations as a courtesy (even when it receives no courtesy in return), that's one thing. But delaying full investigations into the Hasan affair runs counter to American security interests. It's likely that this president will not become enlightened without more terror attacks, which he seems to be invited by treating terrorist matters as criminal matters.

Not me. I recognize that Nidal Hasan is not at all like the terrific Muslim lady who works so hard and conscientiously for her family at the local Walmart. But these others? They need congress to shine a light on them since only darkness is coming from this administration.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Iran Makes Gift of Weapons to Its Hizbollah Friends

I wonder if the Obama administration is still reaching out to Iran. Gullibility knows no bounds, but at some point it begins to resemble complicity. So the Iranians, who are hiding their nuclear secrets, are continuing their secret war against the Jews of Israel. The latest Iranian shipment of weapons includes Katyusha rockets and land mines, the weapons of choice for the cowardly Hizbolloah, which were intercepted last week by an Israeli boarding party.

What you get mostly from the Iranian "leadership" is lies and denials (as in "we have no undisclosed nuclear intentions facilities.") Or like that young woman shot down in the streets of Tehran by Iranian Secret Agent thugs--Ned Agha Sultan. Yesterday, the word came (as quoted in the Wall Street Journal) that Ahmadinajad's goon squad was still "investigating" the murder . Expect a long, never-ending investigation. Expect the Iranian thugs to be innocent of all accusations.

And now another 500 tons of land mines and rockets delivered by boat through Syria and Egypt so that noble neo-nazi religious Hizbollah can attack Jews in Northern Israel.

Here's the news flash to Obama administration:

"On Wednesday, the military released what it said was a manifest stating that the ship originated in Isfahan, Iran. Another document showed contents that were allegedly handled by "Islamic Republic of Iran's Shipping Lines."

Israel also released what it said was a customs form stamped by the Iranian armed forces

Both Hizbollah and the Iranian leadership say the weapons shipments did not originate in Iran. Gee, the Mossad must have planted them. With the approval of the U.S. of course.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Iran: Please Return Our Stupid Student Spies

While President Obama awaits a coombaye moment after reaching out to Iran, the Ayatollahs and Iran's president Mock-Mood Jeremiah-jad are hanging on to a trio of clueless school kids who strayed across the borders. Imprisoned for several months, the kids are being held hostage in an Iranian Uranium Enrichment extortion plot. The leading Paranoid State in the region has moved back to its 7th century roots and insists that the "spies" will be punished.

It's true America's desperate but not so desperate as to hire these pups to glean information that is already widely known. Iranian Islam wants the bomb, probably has the bomb, probably intends to use it to intimidate or incinerate its neighbors.

The Iranian regime is a joke. Unfortunately, the joke doesn't extend to dissenters like young Nida, shot down by Iranian Secret Police thugs during a demonstration. If the Paranoid State of Iran ever let go of its oppressed people for one moment, Mock-Mood would no doubt get strung up by his heels in some public square a la Mussolini.

The sooner the better, but with Obama it will probably be later, after he's out of office. Obama's in a perpetual state of "Waiting for Godot." Somebody ought to clue him in; we're not buying it.

Anita Dunn Checking Out Early from Hotel Obama

Buh-bye, Anita. It was swell hearing that your admiration of Chairman Mao was not exceeded by your admiration for Mother Theresa. We do regret you are so soon leaving the White House as President Obama's communications director. The reason given on CNN is that you are leaving to make more money outside of government than you could by working inside the government. Gee, what about public service? And you only took the job in March! Here it is November already. Seven months have gone by and America is so much better for your service. What did you hope to accomplish in the first place?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Major Nidal Malik Hasan: the Hater as Victim - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

Major Nidal Malik Hasan: the Hater as Victim - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com Click the headline to read the full story.

President Tunes in to Holy Quran

President Obama reaches so far out to Muslims that he's fallen over.... Meanwhile, the answer to him in the Muslim world, except for approving his weak-kneed concessions, has been a resounding "NO."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Massacre at U.S. Army Base, Fort Hood, Texas - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

Massacre at U.S. Army Base, Fort Hood, Texas - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comA turncoat Muslim Army Major who voiced repeated opposition to U.S. war policy killed 12 soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas and wounded many others. Will political correctness prevail or will Americans be told the truth about the murders of its best and brightest?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chris Christie Wins Traditional Blue State New Jersey - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

Chris Christie Wins Traditional Blue State New Jersey - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comAccording to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, President Obama was not watching television when Republicans swept two major gubernatorial races. Apparently, his campaign aides were watching however and they quickly dispatched their guy Obama to yet another hurried speech and photo opportunity, this one on Education...with a capital "E." I couldn't figure out any purpose for it except to give the press something else to write about besides the resounding Democrat defeats in Virginia and Blue State New Jersey. Click the headlines for more denial from the White House...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chris Christie Vs. “Skinny” Corzine & Goldman Sachs

I live in Pennsylvania, one of New Jersey’s neighboring states. With five visits by President Obama to support Corzine’s campaign, would you think the White House was worried about losing ground in the Garden State? New Jersey’s been trued, blued, and tattooed by the Democratic Party for a long time. Taxes are strangling the state, white-collar crime is rampant, and state government is a shambles.

I don’t know how anyone could have voted for Corzine in the first place, but let’s just say they were as deluded by him as they were by Obama. But now the cat’s out of the bag. Corzine’s a loser and he has the Obama taint. It’s all about campaign funds, folks. Corzine’s bought the governorship and it’s time for the next installment. Obama needs the New Jersey juice and comes to mark his territory by peeing on the sidewalk.

The cute Corzine campaign tried to slime opponent Christie by showing this lame campaign ad pointing to Christie’s heft. Yeah, like who’s perfect? Corzine? Just because he does a little geriatric jogging for photo opportunities doesn’t mean he’s fit to run the state.

If I lived in New Jersey, I’d kick Corzine to the curb and vote for Fatty.

Obama's Dithering Dims Americans' View on Afghanistan and the War on Terror - Peter Roff (usnews.com)

Obama's Dithering Dims Americans' View on Afghanistan and the War on Terror - Peter Roff (usnews.com)WhaB. Mehsud was killed by a U.S. rocket attack on August. 7. Paybacks are a be-ach.. THere's no point in Obama's dithering unless it's to develop political cover for some half-measure. McChrystal is his guy. If he's not to trust in the judgement of the general he appointed, then who's Obama listening to? Carl Levin? Rahm Emmanuel? Yeah, well those dudes studied lots of wars, I'm sure, on the pages of the New York Times. This delay on Obama's part is a sick joke. What's Obama going to learn that he hasn't been briefed on already? That Karzai bit was a stall, and now the stall has evaporated. What a limelight seeking, political, dithering mess the stressed troops in the field have inherited in this president! t's this article about?