Friday, October 30, 2009

Gunman Fires On CNN's Lou Dobbs

Is Janet Napolitano worried? Homeland Security's Secretary made big noises about former military troops being body-snatched by "right-wing" militias, but we haven't heard a peep from her from loonies on left who try to suppress Lou Dobbs 1st Amendment rights by gunfire. Didn't they just pass a new "hate crime" rider in the defense bill? Well, ain't this a hate crime?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Karzai Challenger Calls for 'Dramatic Increase' in Troops in Afghanistan - Political News -

Karzai Challenger Calls for 'Dramatic Increase' in Troops in Afghanistan - Political News - FOXNews.comThe Obama administration should be careful what it's wishing for if it's looking for political cover to wave the white flag in Afghanistan. Administration delay (or dithering) on troop action while calling for new elections in Afghanistan has made Obama look weak and indecisive. Futher, one of the leading challengers to President Karzai is warning of disaster if the new troops are not provided.

Friday, October 23, 2009

President Obama Gets Serious About War Policy, Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content -

President Obama Gets Serious About War Policy, Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comOkay, promised but not delivered.... I'm getting just as bad as the President. Here it is..the next installment of White House Follies. A screenplay of current events in the Obama White House.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don Imus on Nappy-Headed Fox Business Network - Associated Content -

Don Imus on Nappy-Headed Fox Business Network - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comSpeaks for, click.

Kill Bin Laden - -

Kill Bin Laden - Tora Bora revisited by a Delta Force operative--in book form.

Hurry Up and Wait : The Swine Flu Epidemic That Wasn't

Or maybe it will be, yet. I can't recall an era when people were warned off so urgently on the seasonal flu. Thunderous anti-epidemic roars came out of the White House and were transmitted everywhere. Take this one seriously, folks. We're going to save you in this unprecedented era of ObamaCare.

Big problem, though. No vaccine. Lots of schools and institutions gave their staff members dates for the vaccinations, only to cancel at the last minute. A teacher I know heard it over the loudspeaker. Flu vaccinations cancelled until further notice.

The weirdest thing is that DHHS Secretary Sibelius is telling everyone a fairy story about how the companies making the vaccines missed their promised target dates. Three of those companies told CNN they made their target dates, that it was no problem. But thre was a problem in distribution because, unlike other years, this year the government stepped in to help. That's right. The federal government is handling the distribution. And no vaccine. And the waiting. The waiting. And no vaccine. It's rather fortunate the government was exaggerating the threat in the first place. If the flu were as bad as the scare tactics used, or if there were some other kind of major health event(think anthrax), we'd be in deep shit. We're in deep shit anyway with this crew....

New York Times Retraction of Sienna Miller Affairs

The trouble with bottom feeding and the New York Times is that the water can be very muddy. You can't sling mud without getting your face dirty. It's okay to get into celebrity news but papers like the NYT shouldn't hang around under the bedsheets. Celebrities have civil and individual rights--meaning an expectation of reasonable privacy, even in their sex lives. Otherwise you have to print retractions like this one:

Correction: October 17, 2009
An article on Page 4 this weekend about Sienna Miller misstates the nature of the relationships that she had with Heath Ledger and Sean Combs. She was friends with both of them; she did not have romantic flings with either of them.

War Front: Obama Team Launches Against Fox News

Wow, can this administration fight? Or what? President Obama's Revolutionary Guard, led by Messrs. Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel, and Anita Dunn have pounded Fox News with all the latest Twinkie Artillery in their arsenal. Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod have even discontinued their sophmoric and perennial game of giving each other wedgies to fire fiery verbal fusillades at Chris Wallace, Major Garett, and Carl Cameron.

President Obama has set up another Czar to head the anti Fox News operation--this one is called the "What is News" or "What is a Legitimate News Organization All About?"

Still, there are those even in the most favored media who think Obama's plan of attack on Fox News is firing blanks. Worthy Progressive and former Clinton operative decried the White House attacks on Fox News reporters as petty and infantile when he appeared on the Imus in the Morning program.

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC's Morning Joe program also thought the White House attacks on Fox News was idiotic and dull-witted. It's hard to find anyone, even in the liberal press, who regards the Obama Fox News attack strategy as a viable attack plan.

Nonetheless, the Obama attack plans against Fox have picked up steam among supporters like Al Frankel, Al Gore, and other people named "Al." Liberal bloggers on the Daily Beast and the Daily Kos have taken up the White House cause and promised another staunch defense of the White House strategy.

Will the White House eventually accept that Fox News is real and does, in fact, exist and has an effective and highly professional journalistic team? Not likely. The White House feels it is within their "mandate" to determine what is a legitimate news organization and what is not. Moreover, there's some confusion in the White House communications office between what is editorial opinion and what is news.

You can't blame them--they're new. It's the "mess we inherited" that's at the bottom of their confusion. "Bush-whacked again," they cry.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

President Obama Has Time to Dance At Fiesta Latina

I don't mind seeing a president dance with a Latin hottie but I wish President Obama would have waited until he was out of office. The occasion was yesterday Oct 13, 2009 at the Fiesta Latina, and wife Michelle clearly didn't think it appropriate, especically when the loose-limbed prez fell into a little grind and bump routine with Thalia. There was no global warming on wife Michelle Obama's face as it froze into a statuesque and unyield pose as the president took a seat beside her.

The President's sign language was obvious as he fanned his cheek as if the Latina babe singer/dancer Thalia was too hot to touch. Obama looked strained as he tried to smile it all away like an embarrassed school-boy when he returned to Michelle.

I'm glad that Obama is so much more lithe on his feet than George Bush who looked robotic and boxy when he tried it for about half a second during his presidency. But I'll appreciate Obama's dancing more when he stops dancing around General McChrystal's request for more troops.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Terrorism For Dummies: Free Advice for Al Qaeda

If you're planning any terrorist attacks, we would strongly advise you wait until President Obama and the Democrats lift certain provisions in the Patriot Act which will soon expire. You can spend the waiting time collecting additional telephone numbers, because you'll be safe with new numbers after the Democrats go into inaction. After the Obama team rescinds ROVING WIRETAPS which discriminate against hard working terrorists, all you'll have to do to escape detection is use one of your other phone numbers.

Secondly, you are advised to stop registering your organizations under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. We know it is your habit to report to the authorities when you begin operating in the U.S.--by registering under this Act. Keep in mind you can't be required to register unless you are already proven guilty of terrorist activity. Obviously, you can't be proved a terrorist, even if you are one, without registering under this Act. (Note: similar registration requirements which would apply to drug smugglers and dealers are being considered).

Look at your guy, Zazi, who was just arrested for planning an attack on New York City to coincide with 9-11. Had he read our book "Terrorism for Dummies" he would have taken our advice and waited.

An added benefit of waiting is so that Al Qaeda headquarters has an opportunity to regroup after those murderous assaults by American troops in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda headquarters in Afghanistan will support your endeavors, once the Democratic party politicians in Washington have launched their offensive on behalf of World Wide Terrorism, also known as the "overseas contingency operation."

Smart ForTwo Makes a Top 10 List

But that's not always good. If there's someone on your gift list you don't like, buy one of these overpriced death-traps. The car was first in the top ten of Yahoo's Ten Worst Cars ever. It gets 41 mpg, the same mileage you can get from the Ford Fusion hybrid, an attractive mid-sized sedan with decent performance and plenty of features. What? You like the feeling of being crushed under a semi? If that's not enough to worry you, keep in mind that the top-heavy Tinker-Toy comes in a convertible version, perfect for those who love the thrills of roll-over accidents.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Susan Rice Stonewalls Host David Gregory on Today's "Meet the Press", Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content -

Susan Rice Stonewalls Host David Gregory on Today's "Meet the Press", Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comAmerica's in trouble plenty with this crew in government. Susan Rice has it all backwards--she's supposed to be the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, not the United Nations Ambassador to the U.S...