Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama - Holder: A Recipe for Humiliation and Failure

The “forward looking” Obama administration now wants to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the CIA interrogations of terror prisoners. This has to be the first time the U.S. Justice Department has been contracted out to do the work of Al Qaeda terror propagandists but the administration reasons that this job program for disadvantaged lawyers will be the key to economic recovery. For the lawyer class, of course.

This is not to say that President Obama and Eric Holder do not have an exalted purpose in calling CIA agents onto the carpet and damaging their reputations, hurting their families, and permanently muddying national security objectives. For the Obama-Nationals, publicizing the CIA interrogations is merely the culmination of long months of political strategy beginning with Obama’s condemnations of the Iraq war as a Junior Senator and carrying over to his catch and release program for Guantanamo prisoners, and the extension of writs of habeas corpus to people who want to kill me. Kill you too, maybe. There is no doubt that this is Eric Holder’s “finest hour.”

Don’t ask the Obama administration to explain why they’re doing this, however. You’re likely to be facing blank stares. And don’t expect to hear the entire story of the interrogations. You will be spoon-fed bit by bit only the information al Megrahi, Nashiri, and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed want you to hear. A gunshot went off in the room next door. A man carried an electric drill into the room and a terrorist spilled his guts. Anyone who knows anything about America would know right away that they weren’t going to be drilled or executed. But these terrorist creeps, so hate-filled and psychotic, didn’t know that because they often did such things themselves. Didn’t Khalid Sheikh Mohammad boast that he’d sawed the head off of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl himself, and distributed the video widely on the internet?

Meanwhile, the Obama offensive against our troops and intelligence service continues as they huddle together to figure out how to lose Iraq and Afghanistan. More Gitmo killers are released by Obama and return to the battlefield to kill more American troops. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs says that Afghanistan is deteriorating while Obama fiddles. General McChrystal needs more troops in Afghanistan and Obama goes off to Hyannis Port. Obama’s grand anti-war plan for Iraq seems to be a matter of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The situation is dire.

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