Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama-Care is Very Different from Medicare

The left-libbies really kill me, especially with their new-found trope, placed carefully in their mouths by David Axelrod, Rahm Emmanual and other Obama-handlers.THe not-so-bright idea is to challenge Obama critics by comparing Medicare to Obama-care and to say they are both "public programs." Following that illogic , they may claim, therefore, that critics of Obama's health care plans are hypocrites.

That's a pant-load, if there ever was one. People who get Medicare must be "covered" through the process of being employed and paying FICA and Medicare taxes for X number of years. So when they turn 65 or, if they develop a life-threatening disability, they become entitled to Medicare. It's based on W-O-R-K, anathema to some in the Obama camp who demagogue the issue by offering a "Free Public Plan.

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