Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lockerbie Bomber Megrahi Cons Scottish Judge

The Libyan killer of children and other innocents successfully conned an anti-American Scottish njudge into being released after years of beseechment by left-wing power elites. Although President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both made public statements saying they were opposed to the release of the monstrous, non-human being, one has to credit the words of the brother of one of the victims.

"I've been dealing with the U.S. government for over 20 years now (in this matter)and I can tell you that this did not happen without the complicity of the administration."

The translation is a little tattered and inexact but that was the man's meaning. He didn't mince words. He wasn't happy and neither were the families of the 25 Syracuse University students who were murdered along with hundreds of others on that fateful day.

So what reason was given for the release of miscreant Al Megrahi? Compassion, of course. The meagre little vermin is supposed to have prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is slow growing, and the swine Megrahi may be enjoying himself well beyond the 3 month prediction of his death. Certainly, he will be succored by his family and other America-haters.

Insosfar as the Americans and the murdered American children are concerned, Al Megrahi showed much compassion for them in planting a the bomb that killed them all and some Scottish citizens on the ground.

The Obama administration should go well beyond its present statements. It is no coincidence or accident that the release did not occur while Bush was president. Had this occurred, Mr. Bush would of course have been accused of playing oil politics. Of course, Obama's team can be accused of that. After all, they have repeatedly informed us of how high-minded and noble are their motivations.

May there be a curse upon the Scottish judge who released Al Megrahi. May his life be forever damned, and the same for those who applaud the release. Not only did they murder the passengers but they murdered the futures of all the families and friends of the victims. And for what? It can't be asked enough...for what? Ask the question again and again. Make them explain so that we can recognize them and what they are.

The murder of 270 people gets you seven years in jail.

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