Friday, August 21, 2009

Eric Holder Drops Voter Intimidation Case against New Black Panther Party

I watched a lot of the election coverage in Pennsylvania since that's where I currently live. Naturally, when members of the New Black Panther Party turned up on the steps at Philadelphia voting locations, it attracted quite a bit of attention, no matter what efforts the liberal media employed to ignore the issue. The three men charged harangued and intimidated voters and especially challenged John McCain supporters with some truly ugly racial epithets. One of the higher profile people who observed and complained of this intimidation was a left-liberal writer for the Village Voice. The U.S. Civil Rights Commission also took notice and threatens to pick up the pieces now that ERIC HOLDER, Attorney General of the U.S. is intent on making the charges go away.

Even worse, one of the men charged with interfering with the vote was an election monitor. This was not an isolated incident, nor was Pennsylvania the only state where voters were kept from the polls by intimidation. The Obama campaign knew full well that their supporters in the caucus states were putting untoward physical and psychological pressures on voters who showed up for the caucuses. Indeed, many did not show up precisely for this reason. Apparently, Obama and his team feel that a bit of intimidation is a sort of payback for years of discrimination in the pre- Civil Rights Act years.

There will be another election in 3 1/2 years and these same forces of voter intimidation will now be emboldened. Perhaps they will have an even greater sense of entitlement. If Eric Holder wants to convince people that the Obama administration represents the interest of all the people, he should shave off his little Hitler mustache and kick the asses of these voter intimidation thugs.

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