Sunday, August 9, 2009

Durbin Dumps Public Option on Health Care

Top Democrat Dick Durbin must not be communicating with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama or else they forgot to tell him that the spate of Town Hall protests was made of astro-turf. Because now Durbin says he’s willing for forgo a health care public option so long as some form of health care insurance “reform” gets bi-partisan support.

But maybe the growing Town Hall protests aren’t made of astro-turf, and maybe people are really pissed off at a whole raft of overbearing government actions taking place under the Obama administration. With all the billions being tossed around without accountability, fraud is on the increase as dot.orgs sprout up everywhere to channel off public moneys and pocketing it.

No one is looking, that’s for sure, and while dollars are being stolen in every direction, and while President Obama peddles rationed medical care, he refuses to support tort reform or to limit lawyers from suing doctors for everything they are worth, and may be worth in the future. So goes “health insurance cost reform” under the Obama administration.

The most disgusting people of all are those, like Paul Krugman, who say that resistance to the overbearing power of government and a preference for collectivist rather than individual rights is “racist” or, as Chris Matthews put it “because of the way Obama looks.”

Fight the power of today's Washington, people. Fight the power.

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