Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Sotomayor Said and Meant Focus of Senate Judiciary Hearings

The Senate Judicial Hearing on the Sotomayor confirmation continues with consternation everywhere over the nominee’s statements about the “Wide Latino Woman.” Sotomayor claims that people have misunderstood her words which “fell flat,” a claim that is at least on the edge of condescension. In fairness to Sotomayor, we note that the words do sound strangely like the words “Wise Latino Woman,” which is being co-opted in liberal bastions as a bumper sticker slogan meant to get the Obama message out:

““Yes, we will militate for judicial activism on the Supreme Court Bench. And we do indeed believe in the inherent superiority of this “Wise Latino Woman” to make decisions for lesser (other immigrant groups who had an easy time of it in America) Americans.””

Still, some folks are skeptical and suggest that the scientific method will restore some reason to this hot-button issue.

“Weighing Sotomayor or measuring her hips will not serve the purposes of the Judiciary Committee in determining exactly what Sotomayor said or meant in saying it,” said Patrick Leahy, Vermont’s top self-styled liberal firebrand.

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