Thursday, July 30, 2009

Teachable Moment? Beer Summit? What?

The “teachable moment” is going on right now on the White House lawn. It looks very uncomfortable for all concerned. The press has to post up very far away and take photos with a telephoto lens, giving the scene a cinematic aspect.

The biggest surprise for me is that Joe Biden is there. So you have the president, the VP, Crowley, and Gates together with untouched mugs of beer on the table. Could we at least get a photo of someone sipping? Pretending to be sipping?

Professor Gates looks completely uptight. Obama is stretched out, in shirtsleeves, laconic, casual. Crowley looks uptight and uncomfortable too—he knows he’s not calling the shots and doesn’t know how long it will last. I think it would have been funny had he appeared in his Cambridge police uniform. That would have been perfect.

So what are they talking about? We’ll never know. We’ll get a narrative, though, you bet.

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