Monday, June 8, 2009

Suicide Squads in Gaza Respond to Obama's Peace Offering

A squad of suicide bombers intercepted by the Israeli Defense Forces now lie dead in a field surrounded by explosives. These fanatical fascist terrorist robots even wired some horses with explosives in the hope of killing American civilians. President Obama might tack an addenda onto his recent Middle East speech addressing this problem. Hamas controls Gaza and is either directly or indirectly responsible for these attacks. If the Israelis had not withdrawn from Gaza in the vain hope of encouraging a peace process, the right-wing Hamas and other Islamic Extremist Factions wouldn’t now be in control.

We can expect either no comment from President Obama at all or a lukewarm comment at best. This kind of horror needs a clear statement from the president since it spoils the cause of peace. The same applies to the West Bank. Stop the terror, first—then we’ll talk.

The President, however, lives in the world of fantastical ideas and it is far more comfortable to deal with the abstract, which can be changed with a few words of clever language, rather than with facts on the ground, which cannot.

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