Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miss California: Gay Marriage Is Not So Hot

Needing to get off the economic roller coaster ride, I think I’ll turn my attention toward a deeper subject. Did Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, allow herself to be photographed wearing only panties or not? At least, we can presume Miss California’s panties are not in a bunch as are the panties of Pageant spokesman Roger Neal. Roger says that Carrie Prejean violated section 2, paragraph 4 of the California Beauty Bomb Charter. Wait a minute! Isn’t Perez Hilton’s real name “Neal?” Well, that explains a lot and now we have a situation where two huffy bitches are trying to get Miss California booted from the title spot.

Could that have something to do with Prejean’s partiality to heterosexuality? “EwwwwYuck!,” says Perez. Which is all there is to say on the subject, according to Pageant Spokesman Roger Neal. Hey, wouldn’t that be “spokesperson?” I hope not—that would mean the San Jose Mercury News also had a lapse in political correctedness…. I copied the word directly from one of their columns.

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