Friday, May 1, 2009

Government Looks Stupid in Chrysler Bankruptcy

Yeah, well, we'd all like to save the high paying jobs and excellent benefits of Chrysler workers but what about the workers at Ford. You'd have thought that Obama might have at least made a friendly nod to the only car company that didn't suck up TARP bailout funds. Ford is on the same playing field as the rest of them but has managed to keep its pride, toughness, and integrity intact.

But I suppose the Obama Team Motor Corporation of Steve Quadrangle Rattner et al now finds itself competing with the only private ownership car company in America. The government car company has to show plenty of deference to co-owner United Auto Workers and its CEO, Ron Greedyfinger.

Gettlefinger was on Fox Business this A.M touting the concessions they made in 2007 but couldn't tell his interviewer what those concession were. This is all confusing to the average schmuck though. Who actually directs operations at Government Motors and Fiat-Chrysler? Is Obama calling the shots? Gettelfinger? Or maybe the Agnellis are still pulling the strings from Italy. But wait a minute! Doesn't Canada own 2 percent of the company, too?

Oh, my! We're not in Kansas any more, are we, Dorothy?

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