Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gates Warns North Korea Re Nuclear Weapons Development

It seems that the Obama administration has stepped up its action plan against the North Koreans and their recent nuclear and missile tests. The indifference the North Koreans have shown to the world is apochryphal and surely the defiance was aimed at the Obama administration, the U.s. and its allies particularly.

A stepped up action plan in the Obama adminstration typically means additional talking. Keep in mind that Obama and his crew have been unable to get any action out of the United Nations.

Hillary Clinton warned the North Koreans. President Obama himself warned the North Koreans. And now Defense Secretary Gates warned the North Koreans. Presumably, the comments from the Defense Secretary may be viewed as being something more serious than earnest hand-wringing worrying by Obama admin policy wonks.

But let's hope the shark has teeth if the whip should come down. It would be a great tragedy to underestimate the North Korean military. Their troops are disciplined and tough, the type of soldiers who make the Taliban and Al Qaeda troops look like a bunch of boy scouts.

I know it is the fashion among political analysts to mention how frequently the NK leadership threatens their neighbors. The message we're to get is that it's all bluff, bluster, and sabre-rattling. But wouldn't all that bluff, bluster, and sabre-rattling give you an advantage against your opponents should you suddenly decide to launch an attack?

We've got 28,000 troops there and that's said to be sufficient--for now. That's not a great number, certainly, but the ROK troops are there, too, and neither are they a bunch of wussies. I'd sleep with one eye open where N. Korea is ooncerned, and I hope there is plenty of backup ordnance to halt an irrational move by the North Korean dictator.

Meanwhile, over at the state department, people are working feverishly in air-conditioned rooms to arrange a parlay...:)

President Obama Explains Sotomayor's Message

Brian Williams asked President Obama for a response to SCOTUS nominee Sototmayor's statement affirming the superiority of her own moral positioning by virtue of her Hispanic background. Sotomayor essentially said that race and nationality accounted for a lack of judicial acumen among "white men."

President Obama's rationalization for Sotomayor's lapse was pretty weak. It was the sweeping generalization of "white men" that can't be erased by Obama's erudition or that of anyone else. Most "white men" are thrilled with the achievements of African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and other ethnic groups within our melting pot country. This is a fact. Unfortunately, the people who so blithely play upon racial politics as a means to an end will not accept this fact. Opposition to President Obama became "racism" during the campaign and opposition to Sotomayor similarly becomes "racism" in the wake of her nomination. Continuing to suborn the democratic process to superficial racial characterizations and divisions is nothing but a smokescreen to blur the facts.

Among the reasons to oppose Sotomayor are:

Sotomayor's anti- Second Amendment Rights positions. She upheld an appeals court judgment regarding the conviction of a New York man who was arrested for possessing namchukas, those wooden things used by martial artists. This is a most extreme position as few people are hurt with namchukas each year. What I'm saying is that Sotomayor will absolutely support state and local legal assaults on Second Amendment rights.

In New Haven Connecticut, Sotomayor agreed with a lower court decision to throw out the results of a competitive test for city firemen, even though two Hispanics were among eligible group who had scored high on the test. Those two Hispanics and several other firemen who also scored high were rejected from the pool of eligible applicants for promotion. The reason for throwing out the test results was that no African-American candidates had scored high on the test.

This kind of reasoning is absolutely crazy and undermines an individual's desire to excel. Sotomayor's decision does not help AFrican-Americans, and it seems to assume some inferority than cannot be countermanded except by judicial action. African Americans excel at many things and in all areas. If we were to restrain anyone's desire to be the best, we would be doing great harm to humanity in general.

If I were a boxer with a Caucasian complexion who was matched against Mike Tyson, should Tyson be made to compete against me with his feet and hands tied together so that he could not move more than two inches in any direction? (Even under those circumstances, Tyson would probably win). President Obama was chief of the Harvard Law Review. Should he have been hampered or restrained in his grade performance so that a weaker performer who competed against him would not feel bad? This kind of thinking is not only harmful, it is un-American.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Charles Payne, FBN Commentator Warns Against the Kool-Aid

Every morning I'm switching between CNBC's Squawk and Fox Business Network's first spot. So far as business news goes, there's a regular parade of stars on both channels. I know it's weird to call business commentators "stars" but these people are certainly more talented than motor-mouthed hacks like Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann who freely comment on all and sundry matters without knowing a single thing.

So I like Quintanilla, Quick, and Kernan, but I also like Jenna Lee, Alexis Glick and Charles Payne and the rest of their crew. It's Payne I want to praise today. I'm so tired of wussy types like over-pressed political commentator John Harwood who comes on CNBC by dictate of the producers.

Charles Payne breaks the mold and he's big enough to break most anything. Yet, he has an easy, matter-of-fact manner from which hype is conspicuously absent. One of those gentle giants who was brought up to tell the truth by his mama, a guy unafraid to go his own way, whether it's Wall Street or Mean Street.

Payne is able to praise the accomplishments of singularly talented and courageous African-Americans but doesn't deride the rest of the world when he does it. It's all matter-of-fact, straight, honest, good natured, sardonic, and best of all, he's a man in control of his ego.

The buzz on Wall Street today is how the Fed may be pushing up interest rates in its program of "quantitative easing," shorthand for pumping tax dollars into the economy. The big worry is that the sharply rising rates will negate the "stimulus" effect and that appears, for today at least, to be what is happening. People are looking for signs to justify whether the stimulus plan is working, or whether it is not working, and will mortgage the future in cheap dollars, high prices, sharply increased inflation, and a further depressed economy. It's easy enough to find signs that will support your "side" to play against the other "side."

Pro-Obama types tend to point to the market which is about 1500 points higher than its March lows as a sign that things are improving. Jenna Lee mentioned this to Charles Payne, my hero du jour.

"People can always make money in the market," says Payne (no matter what it is doing) "but don't drink the Kool-Aid," he cautions.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Burris and Blajojevich Live Cuts!

Obama Says "Words Should Mean Something."

Short clip of beautiful downtown North on the headline...

Obama Could Impose Value Added Tax

The Europeans are doing it so naturally, the people on the Obama team will adopt it.

It looks like a tax, it walks like a tax, it talks like a tax but President Obama often tells us that nobody getting over $250,000 a year will see an increase in taxes. Guess what? The president is lying or, as the current language revision has it, the president is selling you something with a “counter-factual” argument.

You don’t know “counter-factual?” Well, you do know “overseas contingency operation” so take it from there.

Anyway, the administration is now pushing a value-added tax which will be paid by anyone who buys things from store. You know, those people at the bottom of the economic food chain? With all the reckless spending, the Obamanamas have recognized they need additional revenues (there is a limit even upon extorting the wealthy) so they’re going to place a tax on manufactured items.

Nobody will blame Obama for the rising prices, will they? He’s “inherited” the worst economic situation in modern times. What a mess! And now he’s got three chief priorities:

1) Redistribute America’s income.
2) Get more money from the working stiffs.
3) Bribe his supporters like the UAW.

Picking Good Classic Books to Read -

Picking Good Classic Books to Read - WSJ.comWith the auto company mess, I'm in need of some diversion so I just read Cynthia Crossen's comments on good books and what makes them classics...

Are You Clueless Tonight? Bailout Roulette--Fight Back!

Sung to the tune of Elvis Presley's "Are You Lonesome Tonight", this is the anthem for hard-pressed Americans who have not an inkling of the financial travesties going on in Washington. Bank bailouts, insurance commpany bailouts, auto union bailouts, stimulus, TARP, Pork, TALP -- billions going down the drain so quickly that Americans, except for a select few, are not up to the task of participating in their government. It's amazing how little people know about the vast, unprecedented 3-Card Monte played by Barack Obama and his phalanx of academic flunkies. Here are just a few questions people should be asking themselves?

Why does the Government allow one financial institution to fail while it gives billions to another?

Why are the Government car companies competing with private car companies and using Our Money to run private corporations out of business?

Why should we believe Obama's economic team when they call some businesses "too big to fail?"

Why is the Government throwing billions at GM and Chrysler and the UAW while screwing over the secured debtholders?

Why does private equity fund Cerberus, owner of Chrysler, get a free ride from the Government and is not required to invest some of its own billions to "rescue" Chrysler?

Why should anyone buy a car from a government monopoly owned car company that competes unfairly with private industry?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama Supreme Court Choice Reflects "Empathy"

More changes in the lexicon of American government. You already know that the "war on terror" has become the "overseas contingency operation." Other concepts have been stood on end, too, but the latest is reflected in President Obama's choice of Sonia Sotnomayor as nominee to the SCOTUS.

We got a clue when the President went on TV to tell us that his nominee had to have "empathy" and an "ability to see through other eyes." Yes, that tugs on the heartstrings. We can forget about jurisprudence and the other irksome components of the U.S. constitution. We're going to elevate a new religion of victimization. The eyes his empathetic choice is supposed to see through won't be eyes of those who must pay out billions of dollars in nuisance lawsuits. We can expect that this choice will be popular with that component of the bar associations of America which makes a thriving business of filing lawsuits against the government and any private business big enough to rub two dimes together.

Obama's choice is purely political, of course. He's looking forward to the next election cycle, demonstrating once again how little he cares for leadership and how much he cares for image.

Obama Team Tries to Prolong the Honeymoon

The Obama Administration still tries to maintain the honeymoon atmosphere that characterized its early moments, at least according to the manner in which it was presented to a fawning populace in the MSM. But there are signs that the hysterical nuptials that led to President Obama’s elections are now giving way to buyer’s remorse, and possibly to an early divorce. It’s a little bit the way a cynic once described marriage—thirty minutes of flame followed by four years of ashes.

Here’s a brief run-down:

Billions thrown away to bankrupt Chrysler and the UAW while taxpayers are hammered by the economic downturn which is exacerbated by the Obama team’s failed spending policies. Now we are due to watch a repeat performance as GM follows Chrysler into bankruptcy court.

North Korea tests missiles and nuclear bombs while the president, in his inimitable effect style, is snubbed by the world community which cheered his election.

Unemployment continues to rise to unprecedented levels as toxic mortgage assets continue to combine with reckless spending, a cheapening dollar, and rising food prices to weigh down a recovery.

Will someone tell me how we are better off with this new team in Washington? I’d really like to know. I’m tired of hearing about the “Great Leap Forward” that America will take at some point in the ever receding distant future.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

National Security Messages from President Obama

Did I Hear This Right?

President Obama says we should close Guantanamo Prison because it doesn’t reflect who we are as Europeans. Errr…correct that—Americans.

He says Guantanamo is a “mess” that his administration is forced to deal with on a daily basis. The president strongly implied that his administration officials were too busy with bank and insurance company bailouts, paying back unions, acquiring auto corporations, jousting with Rush Limbaugh, and figuring out how to raise taxes without anybody realizing it. In other words, people should understand he has better things to do than to be thinking about mundane terror activities which might be unleashed by the hard-core Islamic militants at Guantanamo.

Al Qaeda is actively planning to attack us again, the President told us. You have a right to wonder where he got that information. From the detainees, would you think? We do know that 3 “detainees” were waterboarded, just like those pranksters who water boarded each other in YouTube videos.

We know this because President Obama wants us to know that. Mr. Obama declassified the memos himself so that they could be used for propaganda purposes and for domestic political reasons. Mr. Obama strongly implied he knew way more than we do about the results of those interrogations, but he doesn’t want us to know what some of the thwarted terror plans were. I wonder if they were like the ones in the DirecTV 101 series called “Sleeper Cell.” You know, the one where terrorists smuggle radioactive fuel cells into the Hollywood Bowl and detonate IEDs in other crowded places. Why doesn’t President Obama think we are strong enough to know what information came out of the interrogations? Was it too terrible for words? Certainly, a man of such vaunted oratorical skills could find a way to explain it to us that won’t have us wetting our pants. Perhaps he wants us to believe that we are completely safe now and can set our priority of expenditures to expanding his unprecedented domestic spending and social agenda.

At least, it is comforting to know that “we've launched an effort to secure all loose nuclear materials within four years.” But that leaves me with questions, too. Is an “effort to secure all loose nuclear materials within four years” exactly the same as getting it done before Al Qaeda can explode a dirty bomb in one of America’s cities?

Knowing as we do that President Obama is so fond of image and protocol, we can expect to receive world-wide accolades as we pursue that goal with exceptional degree of priority concern for the legal rights of terror suspects.

So sleep well, America. And don’t worry about the results of those terror interrogations. It is enough for you to know what you have already learned from the declassified memos, that the Obama team has produced another ongoing reality show called “Americans Behaving Badly.” You don’t need to know that your city, subway, or workplace was the target of the next planned Al Qaeda attack, nor how the attack was to be accomplished.

You need to know only two things: President Obama will protect you. And ignorance is bliss.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pelosi Faces Media Offering Brick Wall

Her face stretched as tightly as a pair of cheap Velcro pants, House Speaker Pelosi told reporters she had "nothing more to say" on her CIA accusations of lying and misleading Congress. One reporter asked if she was aware of calls for her resignation as House Speaker and calls that her security clearance should be revoked.

At the very least, she should press the President to declassify the information obtained from the CIA's enhanced interrogation program. We deserve to know to what extent, if any, AMerica was saved from additional terror attacks. The Obama administration felt no reticence at releasing and declassifying the interrogation memoes, so why interpose this sudden roadblock to information vital to our national judgment? This is the "transparent" administration we heard so much about during the campaign?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Great Obama Vs. Cheney Debate - Associated Content

The Great Obama Vs. Cheney Debate - Associated ContentThey were in different cities giving speeches but, with only minutes separating them, the televised appearances had the look of a debate. Click on the headline to get the whole story.

Obama National Security Speech Weak, Says Cheney

President Obama deserves praise for reversing his position on releasing the CIA interrogation photos, said Dick Cheney at a speech following the Obama National Security speech today. It was the nearest thing you can get to a debate over a highly emotional issue--American safety from terror.

Ironically, New York Top Cop Ray Kelly today revealed the arrests of four Jihadis who planned bombings of Bronx synagogues. The men were also plotting to shoot down military aircraft with missile launchers but are now heading instead into federal court.

Cheney was steady and low-key in his approach. President Obama seemed somewhat defensive as he reiterated his plan to close Gitmo. In spite of the muted approach, Cheney drove straight to the core of the matter, saying that the Obama people were more interesting in publicizing the "method of the questioning than the content of the answers."

The President who says his administraitonb will be "transparent" has refused to tell America what horrors it was saved from by the Bush-Cheny efforts and the records remain classified. It doesn't make sense, of course, to hide from America the followup attacks that Al Qaeda had planned. It's politics at its worst and the President's posturing about "values" looks weak in the face of terror attacks such as the ones that occurred in Washington, in NYC, and in Schenksville.

To hear the administration prating about its high-toned preachiness, you'd think America had waterboarded thousands of terrorists yet there were only three, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad among them. KSM's words to his captors were that he wouldn't talk about additional planned attack or say anything else until he was brought to New York to see his lawyer. Clearly, thousands more Americans may have been murdered while KSM went through a ten-year appeal process.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

U.S. Government Auto Corporations Vs. Ford

You can't call me un-American unless you call the President un-American, too. The government should be busted for violating its own anti-monopoly laws. Using taxpayer money to leverage the competition out of business is illegal. The constitutional lawyer-president knows this. Yet, the government is so heavily involved in GM and Chrysler that it is essentially competing with the only (so far) independent American car company (Ford) using its own money and paying its own debts with private capital.

I'm calling for a boycott of all Chrysler/Fiat/Government vehicles and all GM vehicles until the taxpayers are paid back and the government gets out of the car business. Unfair competition of the Government owned monopoly of American cars could force Ford out of business. That's what President Obama's task force wants--all three American car companies under governmental ownership.

Fight back! Boycott Chrysler GM Government Motor Corporation! Buy a Ford or any of the other makers producing cars with private capital.

Fox Television Series "24" Has a Hopeful Season Finale - Associated Content

Fox Television Series "24" Has a Hopeful Season Finale - Associated ContentEscape from the real world--read my review of the Fox "24" season finale....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama's Green Future is an Unclear Certainty

President Barack Obama, great orator that he's supposed to be, said that his new rules on CAFE standards will give a "clear certainty" to car companies. This worries me. First of all, I wonder if there is such a thing as an "unclear certainty." Unclear certainties, if there are such things, might be such things as Nancy Pelosi telling reoporters she had no idea she was being briefed on waterboarding.

Where the car companies are concerned, an "unclear certainty" might be something like knowing that you can't afford to buy a new car with an extra $1300 tacked on to it by the Obama dictate because you can't even afford to buy one without the $1300 bucks on it. The reason, of course, is that we'll be concentrating our financial forces on paying for additional household electricity and heating expenses caused by Obama's cap and trade regulations.

It's going to be no fun living in a world without pickup trucks and driving around instead in little wheeled buckets. We'll cut down on carbon emissions that way but it could be tough passing those 8 mile per gallon tractor trailers who splash mud on your windshield in winter driving conditions. Of course, lots more people will get killed when that happens but that just means a whole lot less people breathing our carbon emissions. Green at last!

Obama Says New Car-Fuel Rules Give Industry 'Certainty' -

Obama Says New Car-Fuel Rules Give Industry 'Certainty' -

Pelosi Third in Line for Presidency

Now I'm really scared! My brain-dead brain didn't realize that, in the event of a massive attack a la "24" on the president and VP, Mrs. Nanny Pelosi would then be president. The realization came to me via Newt Gingrich comments about the Speaker. I kind of wish I didn't know that.

House Speakers get a lot of info that other members don't get. Making enemies with the CIA by lying about their briefing of her does not make me feel comfortable in the least.

She should resign now before she does further damage to the country and to the president. Everyone knows Pelosi is the worst kind of left-liberal elitist politician that America doesn't need. Democrats despise her as much as many Republicans do. When shall we be free?

President Obama: Daughters Protected by Men With Guns

I was struck by a remark made by the president yesterday with regard to his daughters and the prospect of future dating. Obama pointed out to future suitors that his little darlings were “surrounded by men with guns,” and that he was comfortable with this arrangement. At last, I found a point of contact with President Obama. Well…half a point of contact anyway.

The president’s daughters are cute and smart and it is imperative that they be protected from the many who would want to do the president’s family harm. Unfortunately, the president’s men and women do not want to extend the same protections to those of us who also have daughters, and wives, and young sons who may need protection of the sort that Melia and Sasha have.

In the president’s case, armed Secret Service agents and others are close at hand. The time to assistance would be measured in nano-seconds, not in hours or minutes for the rest of us. We live in the country, very far from police. In the event of a violent attack on our household members, police would arrive in time to file a report but could do little else.

Do Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton care? They’d say they do, but really, really, they don’t. They would merely click tsk-tsk while we were loaded into the hospital or morgue wagon. Too bad, they will say—a tragedy. Which doesn’t help much when you are a victim of violent crime.

I approve of the president protecting his lovely daughters from terrorists, rapists, or even from those who would do lesser harm to them. Perhaps Mr. Obama will refine his anti-gun position to recognize that 2nd Amendment rights protect all Americans.

The only thing I would add to President Obama's statement is that some households are protected not only by "men with guns" but by women with guns, too.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't Worry, Republicans: We'll Always Have Pelosi

It's a closely guarded secret at the CIA. Early in the election cycle, a team of rogue Republicans, responsible for coordinating the well-known Right Wing Attack Machine, approached the CIA with a plan to deceive Nanny Pelosi regarding terrorist interrogations. Numerous CIA officials are reported to be part of the plot to deceive the Democratic Party House Speaker and the conspiracy has been festering for a long time at Langley.

Pelosi has recently exposed the CIA plot, calling the intelligence agency a "bunch of liars." Pelosi says she was on an astral plane while attending the CIA briefing which was conducted in the presence of several other Congressmen who were there and were not participating in the scheduled Pelosi seance. Pelosi often attends seminars in the astral plane and believes that her departures have positive impact on Democratic political strategies and in the formulation of policies.

However, recent CIA leaks reveal that Pelosi may be just another rich Republican masquerading as a left-liberal politician with the purpose of bringing down the party. There is much speculation among Democrats that CIA Chief Leon Panetta may also be part of the conspiracy--Panetta yesterday denied that Speaker Nanny Pelosi had been lied to at the briefing. Panetta says he does not approve of Pelosi's unauthorized departures from the earthly realms, and hopes the Speaker will soon return to earth.

Meanwhile, Senator Patrick Leahy is calling for further investigations of the matter, something strongly opposed by the President. Leahy is not a devotee of astral projection but is a believer in the popular left-wing Democratic Party cult and party game of Seeking Solace by Placing One's Head in Dark Places.

Friday, May 15, 2009

NRA-ILA :: BATFE Reform Bill Introduced In U.S. Senate

NRA-ILA :: BATFE Reform Bill Introduced In U.S. SenateIs there any lunatic fringe legislation that Sen Patrick Leahy would oppose? Just the opposite--Leahy is a cracked coconut as he calls for public prosecutors to punish those who saved America from further Al Qaeda attacks. Being of the privileged class with life-long entitlement, Patrick Leahy has plenty of protection at his home, but doesn't want you to have any, nor any of the other 2nd Amendment rights. Typical of the Democrat looney-left, Leahy completely ignores constitutional rights and constitutional amendments he doesn't like.

I can't think of anyone more embarrassing to moderate Democrats than Patrick Leahy, unless it is Nanny Pelosi who doesn't recall a 2002 briefing she had with the CIA regarding terrorist interrogation techniques. President Obama must find both of these people embarrassing at a time when he's trying call attention to major domestic policy issues. Obama recently stood up to the whack-jobs when he declined to hand Al Quaeda a propaganda victory by refusing to publicize photos of imprisoned Al Qaeda operatives.

Anti-2nd Amendment Nanny Pelosi (Government Knows Best) joins Leahy in a competition for dunces of the year.

Click on the headline to learn more about NRA efforts to protect our constitutional rights.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Definition of Torture: Listening to Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

“We want to give the people that work in the CIA the tools they need to keep us safe, but do so in a way that also protects our values,” said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. UMMMMMHHHH…. What was Gibbs talking about?

Well, the Obama administration feels that waterboarding is torture, and in its new and highly selective “opennness” is releasing lots of information about the CIA and its workings in the war on terror. Oh, and we will not be using the words “war on terror” any more, under orders from the Obama Pin-Brain Trust.

Also considered forms of torture by the Obama administration are loud music and sleep deprivation. I expect next that interrogators will have to adopt new rules of etiquette and a dress code. Interrogators will advise detainees of their Miranda rights, and provide prompt referals to lawyers provided at the expense of the government.

What gibberish is Gibbs uttering when he says “we want to give the people that work in the CIA the tools they need to keep us safe but do so in a way that protects our values.”

What tools are these, I’d like to know? Subpoenas? Search warrants? Television appearances? At least, the president has bowed to common sense and refused to give in to his party whack-jobs in releasing photos of CIA interrogations. If you saw a picture of Robert Gibbs exercising upside-down in gravity boots would you think of Abu Gharaib? Sure you would.

Five Good Reasons to Buy a Ford - Associated Content

Five Good Reasons to Buy a Ford - Associated Content

Pelosi: Wicked Witch of West Continues Dark Cabal

Aside from not giving a damn about American troops and handing Al Qaeda a propaganda victory, House Speaker Pelosi now wants us to believe in a case of Pelosi Selective Amnesia regarding CIA national security briefings. Pelosi was there for the briefings. Instead of acting like the Rotten Princess she is and accusing the CIA of lying, the Wicked Witch of the West should merely admit she was too stupid to understand the complexities of national defense after the World Trade Center was incinerated. Pelosi doesn't speak English, you see, or at least not the kind of English the rest of world speaks.

Pelosi English is really some kind of perverse bat language, an emission of little sonic squeals of self-delusion, follow-the-leader, and panic. Pelosi belongs in a bat cave with Bin Laden's stinking dessicating corpse.

Pelosi's a liar, a disease, a malaise, a pestilence. How Democrats can abide her in the exalted position of Speaker of the House is beyond me.

Pennsylvania Leads the Country in Corrupt Politician Sweepstakes

Our new Pennsylvania auto license plate model should be:

"What do you mean it's illegal?"

Because really, our state leaders seem not to know the difference between public service and self-service at the state's treasury.

Let there be no doubt that Pennsylvania leads the country in the habit of corrupt political offices. Corruption in politics is so entrenched in Pennsylvania that perpetrators, even when caught and indicted, are surprised that their corrupt activities are considered illegal. Of course, no one ever really gets indicted--except for priests like Father De Sica and people with Italian names.

For decades, corrupt officials in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania have been selling offices and jobs at a rate exceeding that of the old Tammany Hall. Two judges have been convicted of getting kickbacks from custodians and builders of juvenile facilities.

For decades, teachers who wanted jobs had to pay up in advance.

Governor Ed Rendell won $2000 at one of his favorite slots casinos and didn’t report it as required of a public official. As with all official failures of character and judgment, the Governor’s mouthpiece chalked it up as a “clerical oversight.”

The cover up of a spate of sexual harassment and predatory sexual activity by a prominent East Stroudsburg University official continues to fester in a lawsuit against the university. The man-boy sex scandal has besmirched a university which has stood for decades as a model of integrity and social responsibility.

Representative Murtha, a doddering old fool is there ever was one, continues to pass along federal millions of dollars to his relatives and to his favorite airport—Murtha Airport. It’s so busy at Murtha Airport, with its 6 flights a day, that a bevy of turtles recently crossed the airport runways without a single casualty.

That’s Pennsylvania, folks—a blue-state feeding trough for government vultures.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Five Good Reasons to Buy a Ford - Associated Content

Five Good Reason to Buy a Ford - Associated ContentAmericans should resist government owned car companies. One way of doing that is to buy a Ford... If you can't buy a Ford, consider a Honda or a Toyota--they employ U.S. workers in their plants around the country, too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chrysler Bankruptcy Proceeding Smoothly - Associated Content

Chrysler Bankruptcy Proceeding Smoothly - Associated ContentThink of buying a Ford. Ford is using its own "green," not yours, to make cars. The Ford Fusion Hybrid gets 41 miles per gallon and the Ford Focus is continuing strong among first-time economy minded buyers.

In a recent Ford publicity event, professional auto drivers managed to get over 1400 miles on a single tank of gas in a Hybrid Ford Fusion. Check it out on the Ford website if you don't believe it.

Comedienne Wanda Sykes Didn't Do Obama Any Favors

Maybe she's funny, but not from what you see in the short clips shown all over the MSM. Sykes' remarks were positively hateful, showcasing all that is ugly, petty, and mean about Democrat left-wing. It's the kind of stuff you can hear daily on Sirius Left on such shows as the Alan Bennet show. It involves a lot of "organic" material such as talking about someone's kidneys or body noises, kind of an eighth grade humor but without the humor.

The White House provided some guidelines to Sykes' before her "peformance" but forgot to mention not to mention Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh has projected a far greater figure in the administration than lesser known lights--say, the Vice-President?

Well, Sykes' did manage to obey one White House dictum. Her dialogue was not to use the "N" word, sometimes used in her outside appearances. The result was boring, on the level of a dead cat bounce. Which goes to show how untalented some comedians are when deprived of material not playing upon racial sterotypes.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Meanwhile, Inside Air Force One Over the Skies of Manhattan...


A huge airplane arcs slowly across the sky near the Statue of Liberty. Behind it are two attack F-16 Air Force Jets. The plane is labelled Air Force One. As the camera pulls back to ground level, we see hordes of people running from buildings, running along the streets in a panic, shouting and leaping to cover in ditches or under parked cars.



The VICE-PRESIDENT is careening joyfully down the aisle as the plane careens and banks wildy.

Off we go, into the Wild Blue Yonder....tata-ta-dah!

Sir! Sir!...Somebody down on the ground wants to speak with you...

Well, tell 'em to wait, goddammit! Can't they see I'm busy?

Just the point, sir...they say there's a panic down below...


The president's jet lumbers about the Statue of Liberty in a hard turn.

Whee!...Who ever said the Vice-President job made you an invisible man?
(breaking into song)
Off we go...into the Wild Blue Yonder...ra-ta-ta-da...

Run! We're under attack!

Ohmigod!...It's happening! It's happening again! The second time it's happening!...

(running like mad)

Third? What do you mean third?

Just shut up and run...or we'll be turned to dust! cinders! shadows on the pavement!



Thousands of people are running everywhere...shrieking, falling all over themselves in panic. A baby carriage gets loose from a mother's hands and rolls helplessly into the street, an infants little head bobbing. Cars are crashing everywhere while others dodge the terrified people....

Sir, you've got to take this call--it's the president!

This is what it's all about...national security!...look at those damn people down there! let's give 'em a damn show! The president?... Here, give me that phone....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Give "Em Hell, Barry

The Associated Press: Obama: Send me credit card legislation this monthIt's true that the credit card sharks offer credit even to cadavers lying in the morgue and waiting for burial. As you wouldn't give heroin to a child, neither should you give a credit card to anyone below a certain age--probably about 40, considering the numbers of people who can't "just say no" to plastic. Obama's bill would prohibit companies pushing credit cards to kids under 18, to be exact. But we're all paying for the excesses right now. Obama, dude.... I know that some 7 year olds are responsible for themselves and everyone above 14 should be, but I forgive you this credit card bill. The credit card sharks take advantage of kids, the elderly, the uneducated, the undisciplkined and unfortunately, we have plenty of all of those categories. If the card companies must act like irresponsible children, then they need a spanking and you won't hear me crying about excessive government control of free enterprise, not in this case anyway.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Seven Best Unemployment Utopias

The best places in the world to be jobless include Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. All of those countries spend a large percentage of their GDP to provide jobless benefits. In fact, many European and Scandinavian workers celebrate losing their jobs by going on vacation. Belgium is an especially good place to lose your job because there is no time limits to benefits. No one has to worry about whether the government will extend benefits because everyone’s benefits are extended. The Danes are also generous in that they pay an unemployed worker 90 percent of his regular salary. One can almost hear the groans of the belt-tightening as unemployed workers head to the beaches of the Italian or French Riviera.

Of course, there is bad news, too. In spite of one’s desire to be unemployed in these overseas Utopias, you will be denied admission to the party. Work permits and visas are tightly restricted. For an employer, hiring anyone is expensive and so unemployment is high. The European economy is contracting at a more rapid pace than in the U.S. In Germany, for example, economic contraction is expected to be 6%, far worse than here in the hyper-productive United States. This means that those generous countries are likely to be behind the curve in world economy recovery, if it comes.

But for workers in those countries with universal government health coverage , unemployment isn’t as bad as all that.

Moi? Je parle Francaise! Hmmmmm….

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miss California: Gay Marriage Is Not So Hot

Needing to get off the economic roller coaster ride, I think I’ll turn my attention toward a deeper subject. Did Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, allow herself to be photographed wearing only panties or not? At least, we can presume Miss California’s panties are not in a bunch as are the panties of Pageant spokesman Roger Neal. Roger says that Carrie Prejean violated section 2, paragraph 4 of the California Beauty Bomb Charter. Wait a minute! Isn’t Perez Hilton’s real name “Neal?” Well, that explains a lot and now we have a situation where two huffy bitches are trying to get Miss California booted from the title spot.

Could that have something to do with Prejean’s partiality to heterosexuality? “EwwwwYuck!,” says Perez. Which is all there is to say on the subject, according to Pageant Spokesman Roger Neal. Hey, wouldn’t that be “spokesperson?” I hope not—that would mean the San Jose Mercury News also had a lapse in political correctedness…. I copied the word directly from one of their columns.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Obama White House Attempts to Muzzle Vice President Biden

To see what hzppened last week in the wild and whacky White House, be sure to watch our previous series episode entitled "Homeland Security Prepares Attack Plans Against Canada." You can find it below... And now, without further delay, tune to our latest episode of zany White House antics as the "Obama White House Attempts to Muzzle the Vice President." :


PRESIDENT NOBAMA is sitting on his desk in the OVAL OFFICE. Strewn about the floor are piles of balled up paper, sheets of which are being ripped from a huge document on the desk. One by one, PRESIDENT NOBAMA rips off a sheet, balls it up, and then throws it across the room to a basketball hoop affixed to the nearby wall.


The camera rolls along toward the huge bound document on the President's desk. Finally, it stops on the title. It reads: "Stimulus Budget Bill"


WIDE-VIEW of room reveals CHIEF OF STAFF RUNN EMANUAL sitting in an armchair against the wall. PRESIDENT NOBAMA hits a three-pointer, jumps up, claps his hands.

(jumping up, too)
Bravo! Bravo, Mr. President!

There is a pink phone on the desk. That's the special phone reserved for the President's wife. It rings, causing the president's face to frown.

Would you get that please, Runn?
(stepping smartly)
Sure I can. That's my job. Let me handle it. I can handle it. I can do plies, pirouettes, and I can sing too--but I'm fast, fast, faster than lightning!

It's okay, Runn...just answer it, will you?

CHIEF OF STAFF (brightly)
I'm on it.
(picks it up)



The CHIEF OF STAFF has a look of alarm on his face.

On Bo? What's wrong? Has he bitten one of the kids?

Not Bo, you jerk! The vice-president!

The PRESIDENT notes the tone of alarm in Runn's voice. He stops throwing paper basketballs into the hoop and watches Runn closely.

What's he doing now? Oh, no! Not another impromptu press conference!

What is it? What is it?

Okay, bye...I'll tell him.
(hanging up the phone)
It's the VICE-PRESIDENT, sir--he's doing another presser on TV.

Damn him! Turn it on!

What channel?
Anything but Fox. We don't own them yet but soon we will...

We have the largest stake in MSNBC--too bad Olberman's not on. Or Matthews. Or that clownish guy from the Boston Globe...whatzisname, the fat one?


The Vice-President is being interviewed in the aisle of an airplane.

VICE-PRESIDENT answer to your question as to why I'm flying today...It's because I'm patriotic and flying is patriotic. So is walking down into a subway tube! Just like all those nice clean-cut articulate people do in Brooklyn and Queens every day.

But you said...

VICE-PRESIDENT (flashing anger)
(halts himself, chuckling)
Heh-heh... But that was in the past..long past....and the Obama administraition and I have come to grips with this...this awful pandemic...this pig thing...err...scratch that, will you? Not a pig thing at's an agriculturallly caused mishap--that's what I meant to say.

But Mr. Vice-President...that was just this morning you made the statement that you wouldn't let your own family fly on airplanes or go down into the subways...

It was? Was it this morning?
Yes, sir.

VICE-PRESIDENT (puzzling, smiling)
Well, yeah!...That shows how quickly the Obama team can react to threats. We're on top of it! A morning threat it was...gone in the afternoon! Could Bush do that? And here I am in an airplane already! Are you ready to have your picture taken, guys?



A huge airplane arcs slowly across the sky near the Statue of
Liberty. Behind it are two attack F-16 Air Force Jets. The
plane is labelled Air Force One. As the camera pulls back to
ground level, we see hordes of people running from buildings,
running along the streets in a panic, shouting and leaping to
cover in ditches or under parked cars.


Chrysler Bankruptcy Puts Judge Gonzalez Under Pressure from Obama Administration - Associated Content

Chrysler Bankruptcy Puts Judge Gonzalez Under Pressure from Obama Administration - Associated Content

Monday, May 4, 2009

Obama Psycho-Babble Hides Underlying Issues

The avalanche of psycho-babble coming out of this administration is staggering. It is intended to be so. The Obama administration fills the air with so much verbiage that it is inevitable that a challenge to one statement can be excused by a reference to another. So it is with the Democrats' torture initiative. The torture initiative is intended to keep media tongues wagging and to put Republicans on the defensive while the socialization and nationalisation of America takes place.

It's rather a hoot to hear billionaire Obamadores like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates praising the Obama stimulus plan to high heavens in the media even though they privately recognize the dangers. Bill and Warren are likable and agreeable fellows, as only billionaires can afford to be, and their greatest desire is to be left alone. The easiest way to be left alone when you're a sucessful capitalist billionaire is to praise the Obama administration so as to keep the communication lines open to the White House. That way you'll be the last billionaire fed to the aligators. Billionaires and Obama, they need each other, you see, if the rest of America is to be suborned.

Obama foreign policy continues to suck and no amount of psycho-babble can disguise the weak efforts and failures at national defense and international engagement. The international community, led by Germany, do not want to flood their economies with government Euros as Obama requested. Not one of our European allies wants to help with real troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan has accommodated with the Taliban in the Swat Valley and now finds itself in a fight which, if lost, will mean that our friends in the Taliban will have nuclear weapons. Did I forget Iran?

Defense Secretary Gates today warned Obama that his glad-handing of Iran's Chief Holocaust Denier will be met with a closed fist. It's no wonder Homeland Security Comedienne Janet Napolitano spends all her time contemplating her navel and worrying about ex-military people joinging militias.

Reality is something that this administration refuses entirely to deal with.

Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet Shares Berkshire Hathaway Wisdom at Annual Shareholders Meeting - Associated Content

Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet Shares Berkshire Hathaway Wisdom at Annual Shareholders Meeting - Associated ContentClick on the title line to read what the Oracle of Omaha had to say today...

Standard and Poor Shakes Off the Devil 666

MDC - Java Chart - WSJ.comIt was March 6, 2009 when Standard and Poor's Index entered the last circle of hell with a performance level of 666. THere's a lot of exhuberance today as the index closes at 907.24 on a day when the broad market, reflected in the Dow Jones Industrials, climbed more than 200 points. Everyone seems to be breathing more freely today as the bulls seem to be running but hello! What about those toxic assets? Did they magically disappear?

Last I heard they were still being held on the bank books growing multiple heads. Meanwhile, enjoy the enthusiasm--and a near 300 point rise of an oversold, panicked market. I don't expect a return to the 1400 plus levels but can't really muster real enthusiasm until the S@P hits 1200.

Click the tag line if you want to see the S@P yourself.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Government Gamble on Corn-Ethanol Loses Big

Government's always behind the curve and that's something the Obama administration won't tell you. Several large ethanol producers have gone out of business and many critics are not saying the corn-based fuel isn't as clean as it was claimed to be. Other critics say that the corn is needed to feed people and livestock, not put in gas tanks.

The biggest problem, as always comes in the form of government bureaucrats and their pointy-headed seize-the-moment thinking. Producers were told by the government to produce specific volumes of ethanol, something that doesn't make sense in terms of today's petrol prices and consumption cutbacks due to recession.

Most cars and trucks can't use fuel with any more than 10 percent ethanol without creating havoc to their engines. Some regulators still want to push ethanol content higher but the car companies, you know, the ones which may go bankrupt, won't honor the warranties if an excess of ethanol does damage to the engines.

There are some cars that can run on E85--an 85 percent ethanol content--but with GMs problems and Chrysler's, we're not going to have more of them any time soon. So once again the bureaucrats have failed us, pushing a product that is only economically efficient when oil price spikes to the point where a gallon of gas costs 70% of the price of a bushel of corn. Not the case right now, not with the rise in commodity prices.

More bad news may be found in the fact that ethanol production uses a great deal of energy in the process. Corn-based ethanol produces only 1.8 times the amount of energy used to make it, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Government Looks Stupid in Chrysler Bankruptcy

Yeah, well, we'd all like to save the high paying jobs and excellent benefits of Chrysler workers but what about the workers at Ford. You'd have thought that Obama might have at least made a friendly nod to the only car company that didn't suck up TARP bailout funds. Ford is on the same playing field as the rest of them but has managed to keep its pride, toughness, and integrity intact.

But I suppose the Obama Team Motor Corporation of Steve Quadrangle Rattner et al now finds itself competing with the only private ownership car company in America. The government car company has to show plenty of deference to co-owner United Auto Workers and its CEO, Ron Greedyfinger.

Gettlefinger was on Fox Business this A.M touting the concessions they made in 2007 but couldn't tell his interviewer what those concession were. This is all confusing to the average schmuck though. Who actually directs operations at Government Motors and Fiat-Chrysler? Is Obama calling the shots? Gettelfinger? Or maybe the Agnellis are still pulling the strings from Italy. But wait a minute! Doesn't Canada own 2 percent of the company, too?

Oh, my! We're not in Kansas any more, are we, Dorothy?

Florida Attorney General Files Charges Against Angelo Mozilo and Countrywide Bank

The Florida Attorney General announced today the state was going to file charges against disgraced Countrywide Bank Executive Angelo Mozilo. Mozilo and his celebrity politician friends like Chris Dodd and others were pack leaders in shoving sub-prime loans into GSEs like Freddie Mac and FAnny Mae.

There's been a lot of questions raised by Senator Chris Dodd's lucrative relationship with Angelo Mozilo of the defunct Countrywide Bank. Friends of Angelo Mozilo got cheap loans with few questions. One hand washed the other, as Dodd and Barney Frank urged bankers to put out as much housing money as they could in the form of subprime loans. Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae, with congressional urging, could be relied upon to absorb as much bad debt as they could. It was all done "for Americans across the country" and now the very same Americans are done in by the rot and corruption.

There's no end of grabbing for riches when you're in Congress. But what is it with top Democrats and real estate deals? These "ventures" of Dodd and Mozilo cry out for investigation and it is good to know that, in Florida at least, the wheels of justice are beginning to turn.

The states have to do it because you can be sure the One-party congress won't conduct hearings on that.