Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tea Party Protesters Wonder Where It Will All End

The tea protest was the start of something special across the country, says one of my readers in an online conversation we're having. She worries that the people will drop the ball. But I don't think they will.

I think the feelings of the country with regard to this administraton will not quickly evaporate. President Obama and his team are sending out very mixed messages, messages that seem to change every day if not every minute. Everyone feels the growing anxiety...

It's kind of sad that this administration, with almost 100 days in office, spends all its time looking back on the previous administration, scapegoating, diverting attention, and relying on the "honeymoon" effect to keep afloat.

These are sad times for the country. A weak administration can only encourage our enemies. Obama goes about glad-handing every despot he can find but no one steps up. The Europeans are content to let the Taliban take over a nuclear Pakistan, as are many Democrats, shrugging their shoulders and washing their hands of it. For all of Obama's "American image improvement," all he's got to show for it is 3,000 trainers who will stay completely out of harm's way.

Hillary Clinton promised "consequences" against a North Korean missile test, and nothing more is said or done, not here, not in the U.N. The missile test was a clear violation of a Security Council resolution. Obviously, UN resolutioins are meant for people running short of toilet paper....

The stiimulus plan sailed right off the launching pad without hitting its intended target (the bad debt the financial institutions are carrying) and who knows what Obama will do about GM and Chrysler. He's the enemy of Wall Street one day and its best friend the next. He fires the GM chief executive and then has no plan except more layoffs and bankruptcy. Will he ride to the rescue by asking Congress for more bailout money? Who knows? He acts like the Oracle at Delphi except that the Oracle didn't have a teleprompter.

Leaking those CIA memos was positively asinine when they led directly to Bin Al shibh and Shekh Khalid Mohammad and thwarted an attack at LAX.

Things are so bad I've actually begun to feel sorry for Obama. I'm sure that's wasted sympathy, though, as he'd surely have none for me. With the arrest of those journalists in Iraq and Ahmadinajad's renewed anti-Semitic fulminations, it's all beginning to have the smell of another Jimmy Carter administration.

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