Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama Speak: An Obama Administration Language Guide

The following guidelines may be helpful in the day-to-day operation of Obama Life. There are other concepts, other euphemisms, other canards. Post your own in the commments section, if you want. But here are some terms you need to know:

“The mess we inherited…” Expect to hear this phrase beginning or interlaced with every speech the President makes until you blow your lunch.

“Foreigner…” Obama’s word for the toady European press, used first during a press conference after a G20 meeting. The president said he wanted to take “just a couple more questions” and then looked around for a “foreigner” newsperson. He realized his provincial gaffe right away and checked himself from further embarrassment by a quick, nervous chuckle, saying “heh-heh...I’m kidding. I’m the foreigner. Heh-heh.” Expect this not to happen again. David Plouffe, Rahm Emmanuel, and David Axelrod were not happy to see their guy looking like an Illinois rube.

“I’m kidding you guys…” The president uses this construction often and then smiles and looks around for Chuck Todd. Chuck Todd is a Keith Olbermann/Chris Matthews clone who sucked his way into the general news media spotlight after providing favorable and fawning spin about Obama during the campaign . “Chuck,” as the president likes to call him, can always be relied upon to through an underhand softball which will help the president underscore his public face as an amiable person.

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