Monday, April 27, 2009

Napolitano to the Swine Flu Rescue

Janet Napolitano is taking quick action on a potential Swine Flu epidemic by directing Homeland Security to hand out fliers to travelers headed for Mexico. We expect that the written advisories will be written in every language including pictographs to be sure that travelers are able to read about the threat. Apparently, Napolitano feels that reading about the Swine Flu virus threat is likely to thwart further spread of the disease.

“It’s all about preparation,” said Napolitano on “The Morning Joe” show, April 27.

Napolitano said it was the state department’s job to issue travel restrictions if the flu showed signs of approaching epidemic proportions. But whatever action Homeland Security takes or does not take, you can be sure that Napolitano will impose the same restrictions and written warnings to travelers to Canada, a country which she recently described as a gateway for the 9-11 hi-jackers.

Be sure to read the docudrama entitled “Homeland Security Prepares Attack Plans Against Canada” posted previously on this blog site.

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