Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Good and the Bad Obama Weekend

We must first praise President Obama for approving the plan to whack the Somali pirates. Even more remarkable, the President didn't recommend they be mirandized beforehand. Of course, the Navy and the Navy Seals couldn't have been more perfect if they'd been starring in a made up Hollywood movie. This was the real thing, though, and before anyone says waxing three guys simultaneously is an easy lay-up shot, consider the waiting, the pressure, the self-discipline, devotion to duty, and the concentration it must have taken to wet the pirates down in their own blood without splattering brave Captain Phillips. There is not enough praise one could have for this happy ending for the crew, the captain, for the Navy, and for Americans in general.

And the bad news about the President's weekend seems trivial by comparison but, with five million unwanted, abandoned and abused dogs euthanized each year, you'd think the Obamas could have adopted one. It's not as if one's choice is limited, especially when one considers such large numbers of available puppies, purebreds, breeds.

So Teddy Kennedy and his wife, knowing the Obama dilemma, came riding to the rescue with a pure-bred Portuguese water dog. Why didn't the Obamas adopt a rescue dog? Adoption of rescue dogs is kindness and compassion. Unless one has a work-type reason, thoroughbred dogs are an ego trip or a fashion accessory. And I'm not buying into the "allergy" excuse--all dogs have skin.

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