Sunday, April 5, 2009

ABC Covers Binghamton and Pittsburgh Killings, Ignores Oakland

Leave it to ABC to focus on the parts of any store which fits their agenda. Everybody these days knows the PC Game and nobody plays it like ABC. The "Good Morning America" program spun killings in Binghamton, NY and Pittsburgh, Pa. as a gun control issue. At the same time, they completely ignored the killing of 4 police officers in Oakland, California which occurred in the previous week. It's astounding that ABC didn't even mention Lovell Mixon's cold-blooded murder of two traffic cops and two SWAT team members later as he lay in wait in the apartment hiding place provided by relatives and friends.

There's good reason for ABC to ignore the Lovell Mixon case. First of all, California has the toughest gun laws in the nation and ex-cons like Mixon flaunt the fact that the laws don't apply to them. Secondly, Lovell Mixon has fans. That's right, fans. Many people in the Oakland neighborhood and in the Bay Area surrounding it had only praise for Mixon in killing the 4 cops and groups like Uhuru have deified him for ridding California of "pig" oppressors. The level of Mixon's anti-police hatred wouldn't fit ABCs flaccid middle-class liberal lamenting of "guns in our society."

Nor is their any mention of drugs, pertinent to both the killings in Binghamton, NY and the Oakland, California cases. The Asian man who killed 13 people at the Binghamton Civic Center was said to be crack-addicted and, coincidentally, had moved to California for several years before returning to New York. There is little published information about his life in California so we can assume he just vanished into the vapors and emerged later in NY as a gun-toting madman. I wonder why ABC chooses to ignore the influence of illegal drugs on these murderers. Lovell Mixon had been charged with multiple drug offenses which may have played into his bad judgment in charges that he sexually assaulted a 12 year old girl.

The murderer of three policemen seems, at this point, to be a different matter though it is still too early to tell. It may very well be that he is Lovell MIxon's counterpart on the east coast. Both men were filled with racial hatred, but the Pittsburgh murders are a "safe" topic for ABC to report, whereas the Mixon murders are, to ABCs reckoning, culturally sanctified and appropriate.

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