Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Four Murdered Oakland California Police Officers

The horror of Baby Raper Lovell Mixon's murder spree was compounded when certain members of the Oakland community applauded the police killings. The comments expressed regarding the YouTube video are various, but some expressed happiness about the police killings, similar to the way some Arabs cheered the World Trade Center was struck. The woman in the video clip expresses the human view, naturally, and the other animals who applauded the murders cannot be much different from the murderer himself.

The police have yet to release details about how the murders occurred but one radio commentator met with police at a San Francisco meeting and put out the word that the two police conducting the traffic stop had been told to approach vehicles with hands well away from their weapons so as not to frighten people. The PC politicians who levied this policy are perhaps to blame for what happened. The radio commentator, Michael Savage, said the police approached the bullets with open arms and amiable smiles. Killer Mixon shot one officer straight away and then chased the other down the street in a homicidal mania to kill him with more pistol shots.

Reports from other sources such as the Oakland Tribune reported that residents of the apartment complex where Baby Raper Mixon retreated to helped to hide him from police for two hours or more. If this version is accurate, and if Mixon's protectors did shelter him, then they are also to blame for the officer deaths.

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