Friday, March 20, 2009

Damaged Sector in President Obama's Head: Special Olympics Bowling Scores?

President Obama was on the Jay Lenno Show last night, relaxed, comfortable and aloof. So aloof, in fact, that his lame attempt at self-deprecation had the opposite effect. I think he was trying to project humility when he made the remark that his bowling score was at the "Special Olympics" level. How did the President acquire the notion that low bowling scores were the province of inferior individuals?

Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin set the record straight about the unique individuals who make tremendous efforts to compete in real-world events that many of us could not achieve. I have to agree with her description of the unique qualities of Special Olympics athletes, among other. I know developmentally challenged weightlifters who reach far beyond the capabilities of most of us, including the president.

As an amateur boxing coach, I have as one of my boxers a young man who received special education at a local public schools. His name is Nick. Extremely awkward, at first,he now spars with the rest of the boys like an old pro. He's fast and he hits hard. Only a little remains of the initial awkwardness but it's not so you'd notice if you were in the ring with him.

So Obama's remarks are something of a low blow, unbecoming to the office of a president. But how do such notions arise? Is it the smug fascism of a pampered elite?

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