Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can't Wait To Buy A Nano

It costs about 2K and gets great MPH. I can't wait to see the president's motorcade of armored Tata Nanos. Following behind in similar models would be Barney Frank, Al Gore, and Chris Dodd.

Do we have a cap and trade deal with India? If not, then ought we not to place high tariffs on the Nano? I mean, what if noone buys Ford 150s any more and buys a version of the Tata Nano pickup truck?

Hey, don't knock it. Just think of the figure you'll cut at the local lumber yard with your Tata Nano pickup. Who needs radio or air-conditioning? Your real macho guys like John Kerry drive these babies to Georgetown lumber yards, I bet. Does Georgetown have a lumber yard? A quarry? Hey, there's no reason quarries and lumber yards should be taxed, right? I mean, aren't they using renewable resources?

Hey!...Hey, maybe I could join a Tata Nano pickup truck club. You, too? Hey, hit on the headline link and you'll get to a Wall Street Journal test drive.

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